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a place of religious retreat modeled after the Indian ashram

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(India) a place of religious retreat for Hindus

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A Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) team, along with Delhi Police and Delhi Commission for Women (DCW), reached the north Delhi-based ashram, Adhyatmik Vishwavidyalaya, for the investigation.
The incident took place at Sant Kutir Ashram last month but the case was registered with the local police only last week, on January 4, as the victims had fled the scene out of fear following murder threats by the accused, who incidentally were volunteers at the ashram.
The High Court has already directed the state officials to take over the properties of the ashram to recover the damages done to the government properties.
We must always be ready and striving towards Innovations, improved Technology, Sustainability, and Adaptation of the constantly growing and changing Construction Industry," said Malek Ali Fakih, the visionary leader and Chief Executive Officer of Al Ashram Contracting Company.
Muhannad Al Ashram, executive director of Dubai-based Al Ashram Investments, said: "It has been a great pleasure working with the UAE's leading logistics company, Aramex.
Before applying, I hadn't mentioned my ashram plans to my husband for fear he wouldn't want me to leave, but he was supportive, even excited.
Muhannad Al Ashram, Executive Director at Al Ashram Investments, commenting on the partnership, said, "It has been a great pleasure working with the UAE's leading logistics company, Aramex.
Hussein Wehbe, general manager of Aramex in the UAE, said: "We are pleased to be partnering with Al Ashram Investments in building our new Express Courier Facility in Dubai, which will be Aramex's first fully automated facility in the region.
All in all, they penned more than 40 songs at the ashram -- several of which later appeared on "The White Album.
states including Bihar and West Bengal while an ashram is also said to be located in Nepal.
The shocking details came to the fore on Friday during a search conducted by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Haryana Police, which also found a pregnancy test strip from a room adjacent to the one of Rampal in the Ashram.
Riot police tried to storm the ashram coS mpound in Haryana state on Tuesday, but Rampal's followers, some of them using guns, rocks and batons, fought them off, authorities said.
Police in India's Haryana state are continuing an operation to arrest a Hindu guru, after nearly 200 people were injured in clashes at his ashram on Tuesday.
My conviction of the power of spirituality of being became once again confirmed during my recent visit to Sachidnanand Ashram in a village in Koorg 90 km from Mysore.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 13, 2014-Commerce Resources concludes drill programme in the Northern Quebec, Ashram Rare Earth Deposit