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a rectangular block of hewn stone used for building purposes

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The imposing facade employed hammerdressed ashlar to the Eastgate elevation.
The floor was disturbed by a large robbing trench cut through for removing Hellenistic ashlar wall blocks in the Early Byzantine period.
Founded in 2007, AlphaCorr uses the powerful, yet easy-to-use user-interface paradigms originally developed for Ashlar Score
Jake Norton, 29, and Emma Baker, 28, of Ashlar Road, Aigburth, were staying in the tourist resort of Guadalavaca when Hurricane Ike hit.
Emily Powell, of Ashlar Road, against the development, said: "There is no need for further building sites to spring up on the river front.
Only a handful of fourbedroom properties remain at Ashlar Court, ranging in price from pounds 235,000 to pounds 267,000.
Capitol, with brick covered with colored stucco that was scored to replicate Ashlar stone or limestone.
They built a large temple-complex of ashlar blocks with metal-working facilities nearby.
Meanwhile, if you are looking for a modern home in a countryside setting, Ashlar Court could be the perfect development for you.
It can be identified by the form of it that is used--rubble, ashlar, or flagstone.
Its sides have been lined with ashlar, but at least it is not the city's rubbish dump, filled with plastic, like so many other Yemeni urban wadis.
The house, built of ashlar stone in 1872, takes its name for a historic well which still exists in the property's large garden.
Since the 2D layouts were created with Vellum Solids from Ashlar, Santa Clara, CA, it was easy to extrude the forms into solid models.
The finishing of the ashlar blocks was so precise that the smooth curved walls looked as if they had been mold-formed of cement.
The original house and stable block on the site of the Walton Way development were demolished to make way for the new homes, built in Hamill Warwickshire old blend facing bricks, with cast stone Ashlar dressings and quoins.