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In 1992, Cruikshank, by then a professional astronomer in Hawai'i, remained convinced that "strong outbursts of oxygen emission intensity might explain the reliable visual reports of the ashen light," and he wrote a paper encouraging amateurs to take up the quest with the high-quality equipment then becoming available.
Ashen Rift is being developed by Pyroclastic Games, a studio formed by game industry veterans with over 40 years of experience, and contributions to over 30 shipped titles, including Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3, and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.
In the 6-2, Scott and Ashen will sub out for each other every three rotations.
The Ashen were close, he could almost feel their dark breath.
Observers can make a great contribution to our work by undertaking a regular Ashen Light patrol.
I swim against the current between the water lilies whose stems are exactly as deep as the water, underwater breaststroke, head breaking the mirror, ashen film, dead insects, bits of leaves, powder of tiny bodies, I have absolutely no fear, my head is in rhythm with the passing landscape, window to a cloudy sky, the weather is beautiful, the light is true, I hum between the undulating reeds, hello it's me, I'm singing: come into the gentle water, dolce vita, vita nova, it's me, coda, come on, then another one: I compose, I build myself up, I break myself down, pause, this is for you.
After that scene, I looked at each of the crew members, the men especially, and their faces were ashen,'' the Iranian-born Aghdashloo says.
The unique design layout was created by David Ashen, from D-ash Design, specifically for Yeshiva Ateret Torah and featured Eco-Terr colors, Oyster White, Bliss Blue and Cote D'azur.
Your ashen hair Sulamith we're shovelling a grave in the high
In a substantial shift, Korty's recent show of paintings (all Untitled, 2004) at China Art Objects was considerably more austere than usual, dominated by ashen grays that suggested his subjects' blanched, skeletal frames.
His face turned ashen when he saw the broken rods lying in disarray on the floor of the pool.
as your ring tone, or you can skin your N-Gage Arena launcher to match the spooky look and feel of Ashen.
The Vietnam War was flaring up under Nixon's Vietnamization program, and the rising columns of smoke from Black rebellions in Watts, Detroit, Newark, and North Philly could still be sensed--their ashen smoldering still tasted in the air.
Don't stop me if you've heard this: A suburban mother is sitting in her living room, pale and ashen (her, not her living room--her living room is salmon with peach highlights).
Though our foreheads are marked with a black, ashen cross, Matthew warns us to practice our piety in secret.