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a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected

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When things were very bad, when we were broke and the board felt humiliated because the reputation of Long Wharf was in the ashbin, in some ways it was wonderful.
It is this sort of thinking, by which Ghil dismantles literary tradition in order to fill it back up again with himself, that has relegated Ghil to the ashbin of symbolist fallout.
For all practical purposes we should simply acknowledge that the world is composed of managed ecosystems and a program that seeks to be limited to those incredibly small corners of the world that may not have been influenced by humans, is doomed to that famous ashbin of history.
We can't change history; however, some want to forget, distort, and revise it, thereby placing America's religious truths in history's ashbin.
Although Faustina's diary is the only mystical text composed in Polish, it might have ended up in the ashbin of history had it not been for Karol Wojtyla, later to become Pope John Paul II.
And with the amount of trash on our potholed streets, our city, which used to be the Athens of the North, is now the ashbin of the north.
But that does not alter the fundamental conclusion: the Cuban trade embargo should be consigned to the ashbin of history.
conference in Culver City, California, Duke gave an interview to Evelyn Rich, who was writing a dissertation on the Klan, in which he extolled Nazism, saying "It might take decades to bring this government down" and that Jews deserve" to go in the ashbin of history.
Many terraced houses were fitted with improved fixed sanitary ashbins from 1898.
Front left, touching each other, covered with an old sheet, two ashbins.
Most frontier settlers built ashbins and collected fireplace and wood stove ashes to make lye for soap and other uses.