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feeling shame or guilt or embarrassment or remorse

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15 ( ANI ): The Congress on Thursday took potshots at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after a photo of Rajasthan Health Minister Kali Charan Saraf urinating on the walls of the pink city went viral and said the government should be ashamed and apologise.
I feel ashamed when greedy, selfish, business moguls back this Don Quixote of India.
Losing hair is nothing to be ashamed of TALK TO YOUR HAIRDRESSER DISGUISE a thinning or bald spot with a new cut, shape or colour.
In a statement issued here Thursday, the MOS mentioned a litany of indiscretions by Imran for which she felt he should be ashamed of himself, including: conspiring against the elected government by staging sit-in ; gambling with the party funds and donations; attacking the parliament; making the judiciary and the armed forces controversial; absconding from the constitutional and legal institutions; not answering the allegations of Aeysha Gulalai; covering up his corruption by locking the Ehtsab Commission in KPK and fomenting chaos, anarchy and discord in the country during the last four years motivated by his lust for power.
In his message on social networking site twitter Khan said, 'Nawaz Sharif should be ashamed of himself for openly attacking SC judges simply because they exposed his ill-gotten money and corruption'.
I don't like walking about the town, you feel ashamed.
Villanueva, alumni president of UP group Samasa (Sandigan para sa Mag-aaral at Sambayanan), said Marcos' sneaky burial was a burial for a thief, and that the family was ashamed of burying the patriarch due to his history of plundering the nation and human rights violations during this two-decade regime.
They should be ashamed of themselves, and only three points against Stoke City will do now.
I am actually pretty normal and I never take eccentrics on my expeditions" Explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes "I feel ashamed when I see that people step away from the word 'feminism' because they're so confused about what it means.
I'm ashamed of my widowhood because everybody treats me so
The ashamed Government and ashamed Prime Minister don't suit Macedonia.
The first PM who openly admits that he is ashamed of being an Indian.
Finlay, from Glasgow, told the court: "I feel deeply ashamed I have been involved with such a thing.
The "Chandra" star has criticised the veteran Kannada writer stating that being a senior in the industry, he should be ashamed of advocating dubbing.