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Strip - strip swiftly, and shake thy hair over thine eyes while I scatter the ash.
With a yellow-ochre paint cake he smeared the legs and the breast, great streaks against the background of flour, ash, and turmeric.
When Sir Edward had finished, he withdrew his cigar from his mouth and knocked the ash on to a corner of the writing table.
and I've got a friend here,' he continued, looking towards the man with the ash stick.
Bardell prepared to get in, looking up at the man with the ash stick, who was seated on the box, smoking a cigar.
Now, ladies,' cried the man with the ash stick, looking into the coach, and shaking Mrs.
Safe and sound,' replied the man with the ash stick.
As Jackson hurried away in company with the man with the ash stick another man, with a key in his hand, who had been looking on, led the bewildered female to a second short flight of steps leading to a doorway.
Interest in safe reuse has expanded rapidly in recent months after the federal government re-affirmed that coal ash is not hazardous.
White ash is considered the premiere species of North American ashes.
In addition to the analytical part, the report provides a range of tables and figures which all together give a true insight into the national, regional and global markets for soda ash.
The effect of the Order will be to temporarily prohibit any person from proceeding along the following lengths of footpaths: - Footpath 24 Mountain Ash That part of 24 Mountain Ash from a point 700 metres east of the property (Grid Reference ST 05219992) known as Mountain Ash General Hospital, Dyffryn Road, Mountain Ash, CF45 4DE.
Previous researches have proved the individual properties of fly ash and bottom ash can be used as in most construction such as road construction, embankment fill, back fill, soil improvement, and concrete admixture for cement.
Although we are encouraged by recent EPA statements that the Agency currently thinks 'non-hazardous' coal ash disposal regulations are appropriate, the protracted debate continues to impede recycling," says ACAA Executive Director Thomas Adams.
That another historic emblem of our woodlands - the ash - seems destined to follow the elm's descent into oblivion is a tragedy not only for our environment but also for our cultural history.