asexual reproduction

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In both cases, it is asexual reproduction which enables recovery of the affected area.
Apomixis is an asexual reproduction process forming the embryo without fusion of sperm cell and egg cells.
1992) and by lack of morphology consistent with asexual reproduction (see Conn 1986; Conn and McAllister 1990; McAllister et al.
In the case of Castells's recent work, the rhizome metaphor of asexual reproduction works well in that it connotes growth which is both horizontal and beneath the surface of the ground: networks of "outrage and hope" are horizontal in that they create solidaristic meanings and "togetherness" (Castells, 2012, page 225) in the absence of formal leadership, and grow through nonhierarchical modes of exercising power [what has recently been referred to as 'coactive' or 'non-dominating' forms of power and activism (Pearce, 2013)]; new "roots and shoots" (Castells, 2012, page 147) are nurtured underground in ways that are not visibly measurable but which suggest possibilities for the emergence of alternative futures (and hope--for the growth of better ones).
It also establishes, for the first time, quantitative estimates of the relative rates of sexual and asexual reproduction during the parasite life cycle.
Increasing resource allocations to sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction can be at the expense of the other (Bazzaz et al.
asexual reproduction are also brought to bear on the issue.
Sexual reproduction takes place in ticks while asexual reproduction occurs in both vertebrate and invertebrate hosts.
The paradox of sex is one of biology's great evolutionary questions, particularly in those species that are fully capable of sexual and asexual reproduction.
Yet evolution, which is concerned with differential reproductive success, has selected sexual over asexual reproduction because of the benefit of genetic variation, which provides a higher survival rate of offspring (Barash, 1986; Rudin, 1997).
In other experiment, the effect of tested host plants on the fecundity and possibility of asexual reproduction were investigated.
According to National Geographic, this is not the first reported asexual reproduction among female sharks that do not have access to male counterparts.
vivax attack can indeed be the result of renewed asexual reproduction of merozoites following a period of dormancy, as I hypothesise, then this would explain why parasites isolated from peripheral blood samples in recurrent malaria have sometimes proved to be genetically similar to those that were responsible for the primary clinical infection.
This suggests that regeneration and asexual reproduction may be governed by the same mechanisms, although the link between the processes is largely speculative.