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Synonyms for asexual


Synonyms for asexual

not having or involving sex



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This book will appeal especially to asexual youth and others who identify with underrepresented sexual communities.
How can you tell if your partner is asexual, and what are your options if they are?
She could be asexual, but we believe there is more to it and she could benefit from counseling.
1992) and by lack of morphology consistent with asexual reproduction (see Conn 1986; Conn and McAllister 1990; McAllister et al.
There are problems, with such a categorization because asexual individuals do not experience personal distress associated with their lack of sexual attraction/desire (Brotto et al.
Geneticists long have bet on the success of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction based, in a large part, on the process known as Muller's ratchet, the mechanism by which a genome accrues deleterious and irreversible mutations after the host organism has lost its ability to carry out the important gene-shuffling job of recombination.
In fact, it soon became standard mycological practice to name many species twice--once for the sexual form, once for the asexual one.
practices and expectations--our cultural laws--look to asexual eyes?
The test uses two colloidal gold labeled antibodies--one antibody is specific for the histidine rich protein2 (HRP-2) antigen, that is produced by asexual stages and gametocytes of P.
asexual reproduction are also brought to bear on the issue.
All but one species are known only from their asexual generations; the exception, D.
FOR THE ASEXUAL COMMUNITY, ASEXUALITY is a matter of self-identification: it is defined as a lack of sexual attraction combined with one's identification as asexual.
The paradox of sex is one of biology's great evolutionary questions, particularly in those species that are fully capable of sexual and asexual reproduction.
Because the anthology is committed to resisting the widespread asexualization of disabled subjects, however, it does miss an opportunity to theorize and affirm asexual identities and practices.