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in the direction of the sea

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ASEA is taking on the Japanese headon in robots by building them now in Japan.
ASEA Conference 2017 is being held in Cairo, under the title of "Africa, Mapping the Future", from 19 to 21 November 2017.
By supporting the alignment of SEMS programs and regulations in the Gulf of Mexico, regulators, operators, and contractors alike can further the industry-wide goal of achieving greater safety offshore, said Jimena Marvn, Deputy Director of Planning, Processes and Strategic Stakeholders Engagement of ASEA.
Furthermore, ASEA signed an MoU (memorandum of understanding) with the Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) Africa, which will provide ASEA with technical assistance to the tune of GBP 160,000 aimed at: i) supporting our Annual ASEA Conference, ii) boosting capacity of the ASEA secretariat, and iii) enhancing the ASEA website into a richer information portal," he added.
The out-going president of ASEA and the Chief Executive, Stock Exchange of Mauritius, Mr.
Asea One tapped DP CleanTech as the engineering, procurement and construction contractor of the project.
During the day Benimadhu announced the launch of an ASEA Pan AfricanIndex based on the FTSE methodology.
A French organisation has shown interest in funding the Asea Ones biomass program, starting with the 12-megawatt venture, said Tan.
Daily News Egypt talks to ASEA president, Sunil Benimadhu.
He also served in several senior executive positions with Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), and was president of worldwide sales and services at Unisys/Sperry Computer Systems.
According to Ernesto Tan, ASEA One Power senior vice president and chief finance officer, the company would begin building an initial 12-MW biomass power project in Aklan province costing around $37 million.
Janson served as the Chief Executive Officer of US Operations for Asea Brown Boveri Inc.
ASEA, which is part of AutoCRC Limited, will receive up to $2.
From 1996-1999, he held successive positions at Asea Brown and Boveri Inc.
Load flow analyses conducted by Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) at Sea Breeze's request, along with insights gained through discussions with regional utilities, have indicated that integrating Vancouver Island with the transmission system of the Pacific Northwest will provide solutions to a number of serious ancillary problems facing utilities on both sides of the border.