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Astington rounds out the religious politics of Malvolio's shaming, which, in ascribing impotence to Malvolio, lies "entirely within the English festival tradition" (34).
In the case of Zantac, the company had been ascribing much of its revenues to the United Kingdom, where the product was developed, even while much of the sales and expenses were generated in the U.
Attributing it to Maimonides is every bit as controversial as ascribing to Thomas Jefferson a belief in the existence of certain inalienable rights.
Indeed, a relevant passage in Vasari's autobiography testifies to the degree of symbolic sophistication he intended in the composition of the Immaculate Conception, ascribing meaning to poses that might otherwise be dismissed as simply stock formulae.
Modern science has since taken the romance out of these episodes, ascribing many of them to the mundane activity of standing up too quickly.
The Company is ascribing essentially no monetary value to the stock dividend.
The IPO market is ascribing large premiums to Internet companies that garner a critical mass of subscribers, viewers, or customers.