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It must be said point blank, however, that Levi does not show that the magisterial reformers shared the ethics and anthropology that he ascribes to the humanists.
Forest Service retiree Stan Tixier ascribes to the policy of "green underwear.
Full Disclosure ascribes to and promotes the principles of democracy, particularly the concepts of freedom of speech and intellectual inquiry, as well as freedom of information through an independent media.
Mukherjee ascribes the project's success to life skills he learnt as a student, when he encountered the ideas of MRA.
She seems especially upset that in Latin America God is thought of in strictly masculine terms, a fact that she ascribes in part to the grammar of the Spanish language.
In his article in the winter 1997 Arab Studies Quarterly, John Strawson purports to critique the second edition of my book Islam and Human Rights: Tradition and Politics and ascribes to me various misguided positions regarding how human rights relate to Islamic culture and law.
In his thoughtful, carefully researched, and highly informative introductory essay to this direly needed reprint of Iron City by Northeastern University Press, Alan Wald ascribes the novel's lack of success to the hostility of an American public discourse that had succumbed to the ideological doctrines of McCarthyism and the Cold War, and ascribes its rapid disappearance from the book market to "the change of political climate and in the culture of the U.
Too much in that he mistakenly ascribes to a misconceived American intervention virtually all of Israel's difficulties during this crucial period; too little in that in doing so, he ignores many other critical factors.
Egan, who owns 92 percent of privately held Alamo, ascribes the company's success to relentless marketing.
He ascribes this to the fact that business has indeed stabilized.
The engineer then ascribes present values to the revenue stream in future years, typically using a 15% discount factor, so that very little value is ascribed to the production in the "out years.
Offer Ascribes No Value To AMEX's Interest In The Options Clearing Corporation
Throughout the article, McMenamin ascribes innocent motivations to Stewart while ascribing evil motivations to the government.
But, once again, she quickly and prudently ascribes their similarities of thought (on the need to distinguish story and plot) to shared Aristotelian notions of how to order one's material.
Lockley ascribes the quadruped tracks to pterosaurs because of the distinctive toe and finger impressions.