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capable of being assigned or credited to

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Besides, the much slower increase in the flammable fraction indicates the lack of mixing site that is most likely ascribable to the lower amount of fuel involved in the tumble motion as well.
When a patient comes with vague abdominal pain out of magnitude to the clinical findings, with no definitive ascribable cause; mesenteric ischemia should be one of the crucial differential diagnosis.
Accordingly, we confirmed that atypical MRI rests ascribable to spontaneous hemorrhage in the case.
The additional bands appear at 370-385 and 440-450 cm-1, ascribable to the vibrations of (M-O) and (M-N) respectively.
In contrast to our patient, this case ended with fatality ascribable to renal and hepatic involvement.
Moreover, an inactive NOX complex ascribable to an increase in cytosolic [gp91.
Furthermore, racism is ascribable to Jefferson only when we assume 21st-century sensitivities and awareness to Jefferson and his contemporaries.
If we look in the past the decline in export is ascribable to tough competition from China, India and Bangladesh, which came forth as leading exporters of potato.
Einaudi placed the economic argument in historical context, and claimed that without this context the meaning ascribable to the economic toolbox is rather limited.
This fact could be ascribable to the experimental scatter of experimental points if there is no remarkable and drastic mutually compensating change of both [DELTA][H.
The 30-40% of the agriculture production costs are ascribable to irrigation, which means that with a proper management of water resources farmers can reduce their expenses" Minister Hajj Hussein said.
However, the limited success of several single-agent clinical trials suggest a paradigm shift that the health benefits of fruits and vegetables are not ascribable to individual phytochemicals, rather may be ascribed to synergistic interactions among them.
The head of Italy's Civil Protection agency, Franco Gabrielli, said that remains could be ascribable to the persons they were looking for.
This article aims to provide an analytical overview of the iconographic materials arising from the June 2009 protests, ascribable to the so-called "Green Movement," which owes its name to the theme color of the political campaign of Mir Hossein Mousavi, the main opponent of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during the 2009 Iranian presidential elections.
This is ascribable to, among other things, higher interest income resulting from the securities purchased under the Eurosystem's Securities Markets Programme and banks' increased recourse to longer-term refinancing operations.