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capable of being assigned or credited to

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However, the limited success of several single-agent clinical trials suggest a paradigm shift that the health benefits of fruits and vegetables are not ascribable to individual phytochemicals, rather may be ascribed to synergistic interactions among them.
The head of Italy's Civil Protection agency, Franco Gabrielli, said that remains could be ascribable to the persons they were looking for.
This is mainly ascribable to the fact that the Italian systems for the recruitment of personnel are much more rigid than those of the U.
This is ascribable to, among other things, higher interest income resulting from the securities purchased under the Eurosystem's Securities Markets Programme and banks' increased recourse to longer-term refinancing operations.
This is ascribable to, among other things, higher interest income resulting from the securities purchased under the Eurosystem s Securities Markets Programme and banks increased recourse to longer-term refinancing operations.
In group B cases, no one had splenomegaly ascribable solely to simple steatosis; it was present in the setting of concurrent cirrhosis, extensive malignancy, or extrahepatic portal vein thrombosis.
What has been forgotten or lost of the queer past is not, Madden avers, solely ascribable to the abjection of the queer within a heteronormative regime.
Macroprolactinemia is suspected when a hyperprolactinemic patient lacks clinical symptoms directly ascribable to the hormone excess (although some patients with macroprolactinemia do have signs and symptoms of PRL excess).
This unexpectedly high prevalence rate would not be ascribable to imported HEV infection alone.
For this reason, patients refer palpitations ascribable to tachycardia and cardiac output is even three times greater than in normal conditions.
The first matter to be dealt with is whether the flies do represent a new genus or are ascribable to another, described genus hitherto unrecorded from the Afrotropics, e.
Mr Justice Khawaja has expressed himself in categorical terms in open Court and in the presence of dozens of media persons of established repute that the so-called counterfeit email address of Supreme Court used to deter a UK firm from making a statement against Dr Arslan Iftikhar in another pending contempt proceedings against Malik Riaz (former Chairman of Bahria Town) are ascribable to the applicant and that there is no doubt about the fact.
1] could be ascribable to the C-H asymmetric and symmetric stretching vibration of -[CH.
The consequences of its policies are more readily ascribable to an individual than are policies in a stable democracy.