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sexually produced fungal spore formed within an ascus

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nidulans in clinical microbiology laboratories is commonly based on the characteristic microscopic morphology, the production of hulle cells, or the production of ascospores.
The carpophores, ascospores and mycorrhizas were identified with a stereoscopic microscope (Leica WildMZ8) and a microscope (Leica LeitzDMRB) following the descriptions and recommendations proposed by Agerer (1987-2002), Montecchi and Sarasini (2000) and Riousset et al.
High concentrations of two groups of fungal spores, basidiospores and ascospores - emitted from such sources as mushrooms, moulds, and rusts on plants - had a significant association with early wheezing at age 2.
38 19 19 Unidentified hyaline 38 1,527 38 75 75 conidia/spores Aspergillus/ 547 132 57 Penicillium group Ascospores 170 19 38 Fusarium/Fusarium- 75 like group Alternaria spp.
notarisii with submuriform ascospores from the widespread C.
The cleistothecia were dark brown and contained numerous ovoid ascospores.
Next comes a bloom which is caused by ascospores, which are carried by wind, or washed on to lower leaves of branches by rain.
These photobiont cells are a smaller size than those in the thallus and are dispersed with the ascospores and are present when the spores germinate and can immediately form a continuation of the symbiosis (Ahmadjian, 1993a).
Some of the areas covered include heat-resistant ascospores, cross-talk between host and fungus in postharvest situations, filamentous fungi as cell factories for metabolite production, and transport phenomena in fungal colonization on a food matrix.