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Analytical results of 20 soils without Tuber melanosporum production located outside its brules Sample code: E, external brule soil Sample Ascocarp [MATHEMATICAL Total code production EXPRESSION C[O.
The simultaneous production of ascocarps in various truffle species can be observed within the same brule; these truffles are distributed within the space of the brule in a clearly defined manner.
In many areas of Spain, collectors call the ascocarps of T.
melanosporum brules contain a constant mixture of horizons due to the continuous digging that the harvesters, their dogs, and wildlife engage in to extract the ascocarps.
Macroscopic studies of the characteristics of the ascocarps, and microscopic studies of the morphological characteristics of the ascospores and mycorrhizas, permitted a clear identification of Tuber species located in the brules studied.
rufum ascocarps have been collected in soils with a greater concentration of TOC and total carbonate than T.
In his concept of the Pezizales Korf [10] placed those operculate discomycetes that are fimicolous with ascocarps reduced in size and complexity, possessing non-amyloid, with smooth, hyaline ascospores in the Pyronemataceae tribe Theleboleae while Eckblad [8] would treat this taxon at the family level.
Adult flies were reared from 87 different fungal collections (basidiocarps or ascocarps = "mushrooms").