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any plant of the family Asclepiadaceae

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Likewise, I consider the hymn to St Hippolytus (127) as metrical Asclepiads with Norberg (24) (the earliest witness to the poem, Paris lat.
Preeminent among Ancient Greek medical philosophers were members of the Asclepiad community on the island of Cos, the most noteworthy of whom was Hippocrates (460-370 B.
This lack of guide rails is not matched in any other asclepiads except, to some extent, in Fockea: in Fockea the margins of the anthers are laterally closely adpressed to one another and are lignified toward the base, but they do not form a guide rail.
Taking the above data into consideration, we find (as suggested informally by Bruyns [1994]) that there is little morphological support for the separation of the Periplocoideae from the remainder of the asclepiads at the level of family.
In the higher asclepiads the corpuscle also has a rigid and much harder consistency.
In addition, Kunze (1990: 42-44) found that the corona in Fockea developed somewhat differently from that in other asclepiads.
In order to fulfill the criterion of monophyly, Sennblad (1997) proposed that all the asclepiads be included in the Apocynoideae, an arrangement that would at least make the resultant taxon monophyletic.
In addition, the asclepiads formed a monophyletic group.
There are three possible solutions: it is one all-embracing family; all monophyletic units are given the rank of family; or an intermediate limit is drawn between the Apocynoideae and the Rauvolfioideae, with the Apocynoideae and asclepiads becoming the new Apocynaceae and giving the remaining polymorphic Rauvolfioideae groups the rank of family.
However, because of the lack of resolution at the interface, we believe that it would be injudicious at this stage to include all of the asclepiads in the Apocynoideae, as proposed by Sennblad (1997).
Because of the above-mentioned uncertainties in the region of the interface between the former families we wish to maintain the asclepiads as three subfamilies: Periplocoideae, Secamonoideae, and Asclepiadoideae, with the last further divided into the three tribes: Marsdenieae, Ceropegieae, and Asclepiadeae.
The pollination ecology of an assemblage of grassland asclepiads in South Africa.
Although the choriamb is an "isolable element" in these cola, (31) it is not repeated in Euripides as it is in Robinson's verse or in longer Greek lines like lesser and greater asclepiads (the latter is close enough to Robinson's meter that it would seem to be her model).
A report on flavonoid investigation in some Bangladesh asclepiads.