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accumulation of serous fluid in peritoneal cavity

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This first-in-human study will investigate the safety and feasibility of Cantrixil administered via the intraperitoneal route for patients with refractory /recurrent peritoneal malignancies with malignant ascites.
At 3-month follow-up, his fatigue, ascites, and peripheral edema had resolved.
In this study, a case was reported who was consulted by gynecologic oncology service because of pelvic mass and ascites.
Mild to moderate ascites with mild bilateral pleural effusion with passive atelectasis of underlying lung parenchyma (Figures 2-6).
In hypoalbuminemia, total body nutrition status deteriorates, which causes ascites and other symptoms.
11] Patients typically present with signs of portal hypertension such as splenomegaly, variceal bleeding and ascites.
Fluid overload in ascites and other indications is an area of significant unmet clinical need and represents more than a $1 billion market opportunity for Sequana Medical's proprietary technology.
The PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) paper also describes development of a panel of four protein markers (identifiers) to accurately identify ovarian cancer cells in the ascites.
After undergoing a coronary artery bypass grafting in March 2011, Sikandar developed ascites which led to fluid collection in his abdominal cavity, shortness of breath and difficulty in performing routine chores.
However, advanced metastatic prostate cancer commonly metastasizes to regional lymph nodes and vertebral bones, but metastasis to the peritoneum leading to malignant ascites is rare.
Abdominal magnetic resonance imaging revealed moderate ascites and a 21 x 14 x 3-cm omental mass of intermediate intensity on T1 and T2 sequences; there was no lymphadenopathy (Figure).
These 2 cases demonstrate that periodic coelomocentesis with or without GnRH agonist therapy may be a viable option for the long-term management of ovarian neoplasia and reproductive-organ-associated ascites in cockatiels.
Ascites syndrome is a serious metabolic disease and is still a problem for the chicken industry in the various parts of world.