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Expand coverage of ASCI code to digital and social media: A strong digital outreach programme is required to monitor digital and home shopping networks including outdoor advertising and mobile advertising.
Sandia's design was strongly influenced by the successes of the Cray T3E and ASCI Red MPP supercomputers.
ASCI White was designed for the government by IBM , which delivered it to Livermore last year in 28 articulated lorries.
The absence of effective treatment options clearly signifies that current competition in the ASCI therapeutics market is weak.
Reckitt Benckiser's claims for its Harpic toilet cleaner were also found to be wrong as CCC observed disclaimers in the TVC were legible, and contravened the ASCI guidelines on supers.
This marks the first consistent use of the ASCI price - a volume-weighted average of US deepwater sour crude deals - to value Latin American crude exports.
ASCI signed an MoU with the National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) to work together in areas of solid waste management, public health, waste water recycling, sanitation and awareness generation on cleaning the river
The daily ASCI price is calculated from a volume-weighted average of deals done for three grades of US Gulf of Mexico medium sour crudes combined: Mars, Poseidon and Southern Green Canyon.
Addressing a seminar organized by ASCI on "Strengthening self regulation of advertising content" here, Soni said the recently established self regulatory bodies in the broadcasting sector need to increase their membership to ensure the proactive and effective participation of smaller players in the sector.
Somo has said it couldn't make the change until at least February, but it is widely expected to adopt ASCI soon," said one of the sources familiar with the talks.
5% Fuel Oil FOB MED BALMO Swap (FON) -- Platts 1% FOB Barges RDAM BALMO Swap (FOC) -- Argus Eurobob Oxy FOB Rotterdam Barges Swap (AEO) -- Argus Eurobob Oxy FOB Rotterdam Barges BALMO Swap (AEP) -- Argus Eurobob Oxy FOB Rdam vs Brent 1st Line BALMO Swap (Crack Spread) (AES) -- Platts Fuel Oil 1% CIF Med Cargo Swap (CIF) -- Platts Fuel Oil 1% CIF Med Cargo BALMO Swap (CIG) -- Platts Fuel Oil 1% NYH versus 1% FOB NWE Cargo Swap (FOH) -- Brent 1st Line BALMO Swap (BSQ) -- ICE Gasoil 1st Line BALMO Swap (GSQ) -- Argus Biodiesel RME FOB RDAM Swap (ABI) -- Argus FAME 0 Biodiesel FOB Rotterdam Swap (FAM) * The two ASCI swap contracts will be available Friday, November 13.
The Compaq supercomputer should be able to do at least 100 teraflops per second, which is about eight times faster than the existing ASCI White but considerably slower than Blue Gene/L.
ASCI Q will consist initially of approximately 375 AlphaServer GS320 systems (approximately 12,000 Alpha processors) with EV68 CPUs running in excess of 1,250 MHz on Compaq's Tru64 UNIX operating system.
Alaska Regional Manager for ASCI explained that it's less about being a completely new company than it is a homecoming for this subsidiary of Arctic Slope Regional Corp.
At the ASCI meeting, Arieff described what happened when acidotic dogs were given dichloroacetate, which stimulates an enzyme involved in maintaining the proper acid-base balance.