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Synonyms for ascetic

Synonyms for ascetic

someone who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline

pertaining to or characteristic of an ascetic or the practice of rigorous self-discipline


practicing great self-denial

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The work is an heir to its Dutch predecessors, which, in their deliberate humility (dare I say their primitivism), withhold ascetically their artistry.
The album makes its culminating and convincing point with the very cultivated and painstakingly produced layering of the two chant traditions, when the psalmodic recitation of the Lotus sutra by the Buddhist monks, underlined by the striking of the mokugyo drum (literally "wooden fish"), is at the same time a drone for the cantio Ave virgo gloriosa (track 10), and when the glissando sliding melody of the solo chant Amida kjo is integrated with the austere, ascetically returning entrances of the Kyrie IV (track 12).
57) Lucas' work was different again: he portrays himself as a seer, in some senses (though he would no doubt retreat from such a description) a holy figure, ascetically devoted to his work and inviting his readers/followers to explore his enlightenment as he relives it in oblique, if not obtuse, and encoded forms.
Ascetically, the FLESH needs to suffer in order for his SOUL to reach a higher level.
director Robert Bresson, who "created an ascetically transparent
His poetry strenuously, ascetically resists the illusion of meaning's presence.
The arts and creativity are important economically as well as ascetically.
42) O'Meara has shown that this is a typical emphasis of the Dominican school of moral theology, which "did not end with an ascetically developed set of virtues with a high degree of will power or rational discussion, but with a familiarity with the divine that is intuitive and instinctive.
A few ascetically thin young men make conversation, and one man, with cavernous eyes and a figure as exaggeratedly elongated as in an El Greco painting, surveys the room.
They disliked possessions but collected ancient artefacts, and liked to live ascetically in spartan surroundings.
The "heroes of socialist work," those ascetically dedicated to exceeding the norms, were canonized.
Avicenna drank heavily and stayed up most of the night partying with his students; Al-Ghazali lived ascetically.
And Heine sharpened the contrast by contending that all men are either Jews or Greeks--either Jews who ascetically question life and nourish their apocalyptic visions, or Greeks who love life with a realism generated by their personal integration.