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Synonyms for ascetic

Synonyms for ascetic

someone who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline

pertaining to or characteristic of an ascetic or the practice of rigorous self-discipline


practicing great self-denial

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That allows him to study the condition of the kennel facility, the puppies' personalities, the dam's personality and to determine if these dogs fit ascetically with his aspirations.
The latter result contrasts ascetically with the consensus view of real exchange rates determinants, emphasizing the unique position of oil-dependent countries.
5) The reductio, as it is ascetically deepened and purified and continued, anticipates and unfolds into a letting be, Gelassenheit, a religious posture of radical opening to alterity, an alterity that is simultaneously interior depths and exterior heights, en-static just as much as ek-static--there is a movement that is double-transcending, and seemingly abyssal in both directions.
The Abbott, a tall ascetically built man, shifted in his chair, fingered the heavy crucifix that rested on his chest, and in an even timbre continued,
This is considered to be the most ascetically pleasing rectangular shape for humans, and it has been designed into the great architectural structures of the ancient Egyptians, especially including the Great Pyramid at Giza, the Osirion at Abydos, and the temple at Luxor (Hudgins, 2003, Lawlor, 1998).
The "new Weber" emerges as a man of deep contradiction, aspiring to be the icy cold exhorter of scientific integrity, stoically enduring the pursuit of inconvenient facts in an ascetically disinterested calling, but saddled with a volcanic personality in a state of sexual and emotional turmoil.
These are aesthetically acquired wisdom, morally acquired wisdom, and ascetically acquired wisdom, the latter two of which are tempered by the suffering that natural beauty leads us to ignore.
Brett Grainger grew up in a household of Plymouth Brethren, a Protestant sect that eschews priests and ministers, lives ascetically, and believes fervently that Jesus is about to appear and "rapture" them to Heaven.
His ascetically native epistemological tactics successfully demythologize much of the fallacious knowledge and superstitions regarding Jews, Judaism, and Zionism.
Thank you for an ascetically attractive magazine with content.
the parish must be the place in which, patiently and ascetically, we learn to move from division to unity, from egotism to sharing, from hatred to love, from vengeance to forgiveness, from injustice to justice, from violence to peace and from death to life.
The work is an heir to its Dutch predecessors, which, in their deliberate humility (dare I say their primitivism), withhold ascetically their artistry.
This subtle difference marks the transition from the fantasmatic veil of sublime objects to the traumatic encounter with the Real-thing; from egotistically claiming oneself dignified through my "virtuous ethical activity" to ascetically depriving oneself of the illusions of morality with the genome.
The album makes its culminating and convincing point with the very cultivated and painstakingly produced layering of the two chant traditions, when the psalmodic recitation of the Lotus sutra by the Buddhist monks, underlined by the striking of the mokugyo drum (literally "wooden fish"), is at the same time a drone for the cantio Ave virgo gloriosa (track 10), and when the glissando sliding melody of the solo chant Amida kjo is integrated with the austere, ascetically returning entrances of the Kyrie IV (track 12).