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pertaining to or characteristic of an ascetic or the practice of rigorous self-discipline


practicing great self-denial

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However, in this edition he takes great pains to explain this phenomenon of proprioceptive attention through the lens of ascetical psychology (a field which in itself represents an ancient integration of theology and psychology, and which has its own unique anthropology), and he does so with profound success, offering caregivers from other Christian traditions an opening into a tradition not often understood or resourced in the contemporary West.
A second lesson Dominic learned from these missions was that whatever the official power structures, both the orthodox and the heretics usually credited their faith to their mothers or, in the case of young women, to the teaching of Albigensian ascetical women.
Moreover, he frames the question of wealth and property in ascetical and soteriological terms.
For Palamas, the criterion for truth is the holy tradition, that is, the Eastern Christian ascetical practices and the interpretation of the scriptures.
Sainthood in times past seemed reserved for virgins, martyrs dying horrendous deaths, or ascetical monks withdrawn from world.
112-14,124-25, and 251-52), offered a model of Sufi sanctity complicitous with the state, one that contrasted starkly with the Chishti ascetical, apolitical stance.
At nearly their twentieth session in the year, this same group might do a theological reflection for its common lesson or have an exercise around the topic of our life in Christ, exploring ascetical theology and ways they may be called to respond to the world around them.
First,and most plainly, detachment was seen as an ascetical practice.
They seek freedom from the anguish of our human condition either through ascetical practices or profound meditation or a flight to God with love and trust.
Having completed a year of ascetical theology study at the Jesuit Tertianship in Pomfret, Conn.
In the words of Lilburn, "a particular attachment to system is error--it truncates eros--but an essential scaffolding: its erection and disassembling the inevitable ascetical path for the erotic self" (147).
By the fourth century and through the Middle Ages, ascetical ideals, closely associated with monasticism, were often proposed to and expected of secular priests as well as monks and nuns.
From my perspective, the biography of a life as ascetical, as religiously devoted and outwardly uneventful as Newman's (I mean, good luck making a movie out of his life), needs a solid grounding in the world and the times of its subject.
In The Jesuits; Their Spiritual Doctrine and Practice, Joseph de Guibert shows that Ignatius's Spiritual Exercises exemplifies "very little of the character of spiritual treatises, "which he argues tend to" expound principles of the interior life or develop ascetical or mystical doctrines.