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Synonyms for ascetic

Synonyms for ascetic

someone who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline

pertaining to or characteristic of an ascetic or the practice of rigorous self-discipline


practicing great self-denial

References in classic literature ?
This ugly sunlit picture of the stupidity and cruelty of the earth sent the ascetic finally to his prayers for purification and new thoughts.
There was an air of austerity in this departure, the scrunched gravel of the drive crying out under the slowly turning wheels, the horse's lean thighs moving with ascetic deliberation away from the light into the obscurity of the open space bordered dimly by the pointed roofs and the feebly shining windows of the little alms-houses.
Sometimes there is real religious yearning, and indeed the heroes of these poems are partly medieval hermits and ascetics as well as quick-striking fighters; but for the most part the Christian Providence is really only the heathen Wyrd under another name, and God and Christ are viewed in much the same way as the Anglo-Saxon kings, the objects of feudal allegiance which is sincere but rather self-assertive and worldly than humble or consecrated.
Love, say the ascetics, reveals our shameful kinship with the beasts.
Written by a Nepalese poet and trained ascetic, this precise collection of poems combines the pain of homelessness with the joy of traveling.
Ramdev refused to accept the Padma award saying as an ascetic he should refrain from rewards.
of Hawai'i) investigates how the minimal ascetic hut became a source for an amplified architecture in ancient India and its traditions of asceticism, especially in the practices of Buddhism.
It is also an exhortation to experience the natural world with the crystalline insights of the desert ascetic or the intensity of the artist and, ultimately, to hear the Word in the pure silence of ecological contemplation.
For seven years he led an ascetic life of solitude in the Carpathian mountains, living apart from his wife for much of the time.
Her interest lies primarily in the ascetic and penitential writings of these and other Irish monks.
He begins with the ascetic ideals of various philosophical schools in antiquity and proceeds through the questions of diet, property, and sexual purity in early Judaism; he then turns to the Christian tradition.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress president Sonia Gandhi paid homage to the departed ascetic.
That means a generous helping of bonus material, with extra multiplayer maps, the Tower of Tandria event location, Pacifist, Economist and Ascetic victory points and Order of Knights and Infernal Mines echobuilding.
Because the ascetic erected boundaries between him-or herself and the rest of the world by withdrawing to a cell and abstaining from the behaviors that mark participation in the mundane world (eating, sleeping, sex), they were "ideal figures for the discernment, policing, and enforrcement of communal boundaries" (p.
74) The text's only major difference is that rather than merely praising the myth of a kyamuni's Bodhisattva career, the composers of the text modelled their own spiritual path on it: "[F]or the authors of the Rastrapala, contemporary bodhisattvas were called to emulate the extraordinary sacrifices of Vessantara by way of the ascetic life of a wilderness dweller .