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discovered or determined by scientific observation

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Summary: The cause of the fire is still to be ascertained.
The fire was said to have started in the early hours of Friday but the cause of the inferno is yet to be ascertained.
The identities of both the children are yet to be ascertained.
The hospital sources confirmed about nine bodies where four of them were identified as Sajid Ali, Lal Khan, Mohammad Ghani and Mohammad Fasal personnel of traffic police and the identity of five of them could not be ascertained so far.
Detailed presentation was given to the participants on salient features of the purposed Bill and ascertained their opinion also.
However, the blockade ended later in the afternoon after the DM assured them of proper action once the post- mortem report is received and the cause of death is ascertained.
Julie Bishop ascertained Thursday that her country has not changed its position
In turn, the Board of Statutory Auditors, ascertained the correct application of criteria applied by the Board of Directors.
Madinda, the pair's other brother, said: "He is still asking about Adam and, as a family, we have agreed not to let him know until maybe doctors have ascertained his mental preparedness for such tragic news.
expressed his happiness to be in Libya and ascertained Emirates intention to strengthen cooperation relations in political, economical, commercial, investment, technical, financial and judicial fields.
Rescue workers said they recovered the body of the 10-year-old child, whose identity was yet to be ascertained.
1933), addressed the specific charge-off requirement and noted that Congressional intent was to allow a deduction for business bad debts in the year in which ascertained worthless, provided there was "some specific act of the taxpayer clearly indicating their abandonment as assets.
F1 = number of culture-confirmed salmonellosis cases ascertained by FoodNet in 2000 = 4,330.
This is not an idealized recall of a tradition that has suffered a devastating blow during the last three centuries and that has now been pushed beyond the pale of existence by modern science built upon a worldview quite contrary to its predecessor; this metaphysical aspect of the Islamic scientific tradition can be ascertained through thousands of manuscripts and books still at our disposal.