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someone who ascends

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a lowercase letter that has a part extending above other lowercase letters

(printing) the part of tall lowercase letters that extends above the other lowercase letters

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The first product of the newly formed Ascender Vehicles Ltd.
Among the latest developments in smarter products for aviation, he said, are GTL jet fuel, which is involved in the world's first commercial passenger flight powered by a fuel made from natural gas, and aero Shell ascender, a new performance capability engine oil being developed for the latest generation of gas turbine aircraft engines.
Vertically the bar should be visually centered between the x-height and the ascender.
The estimation of the upper and lower base line will be used to classify the characters into its three groups of either ascender (e.
Ascender knives (14301, 14351, 14302 and 14352) feature black G10 handles and are available in drop-point and tanto blade styles.
Vertically, the bar is lower than 50% of ascender in sans serif fonts, and even lower in serif ones.
My own company's entry-level spaceplane project, Ascender (Figure 4), is in effect a simplified and updated SR.
Ascender to the Space, 1995) tackled politically and ironically several aspects in the Yemeni society.
She further takes into account the extent of space occupied by the word on the page as well as the apparent presence of an ascender in the formation of the final letter as she was able to read it: the word "looks a little like 'Panol,' or 'Parrot'--or 'Parisol'" (85).
Shell AeroJet fuel is the latest in a series of innovations by Shell Aviation following the launch of the High Performance Capability turbine engine oil, AeroShell Ascender, in 2007.
It's kind of like an inchworm, inching up a tree," Will Orr says as he demonstrates the technique of bringing his knees into his chest and sliding up his ascender, then a "magic knot" or friction hitch.
First, Dad used a powerful slingshot to get my climbing rope almost to the top of the maple, and I used a metal gizmo called an ascender to go up.
In the mainly green and brown Ascender (2006), time and music seem to play in the spaces between the lines, their measured visual "sounds" slowly fading into that single fragile note heard at room's end.
The attitude of the friend for utility or pleasure is that of the individual ascender who looks solely at the company of others as a means to achieve her own goals, ending relationships when utility and pleasure are no longer forthcoming.
In Impossible Is Nothing (all works 2005), the first projection, to the left, there was a video loop in which the logos of sports brands like Adidas and Nike could be discerned, along with their slogans (in English): IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING and YOU ARE FASTER THAN YOU THINK; and, in Spanish, DESAFIAR, CONTROLAR, ASCENDER, DOMINAR (challenge, control, rise up, master).