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The choice of Rime informs us of the poet's stilnovista ascendence.
The result has been the ascendence of a new "managerial" approach to crime control.
Their prospects in the region, and perhaps nationwide, depend in large part on how well they develop a compelling identity in the face of Southern Republican ascendence.
The separative, atomistic, technical thinking of reflective rationality has gained ascendence in the public realm so that, while such a thinking may be able to comprehend the most formal kind of unity and equality, and to enforce a rights-based community, it has not always gone over of its own accord to a more expanded concept of our relationship to one another.
In 1995 he created hard house under the name Ascendence and stood behind the mixing desk when Lucky People Center toured.
When, at a later date, the Babylonian Talmud gained ascendence in the Jewish world, the Jews of Ashkenaz kept with them the chant pattern they had used for the Jerusalem Talmud even as they switched to the study of the Babylonian Talmud.
or to use phenomenolo gy to try to gain the ultimate ascendence (by claiming to be neither bendable nor one who bends others) is once again to confuse a zealous obeisance to objectivity with knowledge of reality.
In his recent essay "When Class Disappears" American culture critic Thomas Frank explains how the ascendence of what he calls the "lifestyle" revolution has overwhelmed and completely subsumed labour (and/or class) struggle in the United States in the last few years.
Unilab and much of the state's health services sector are rebounding after nearly a decade of shrinking margins brought on by the ascendence of managed care.
Indeed, the neurosciences, and the study of brain-behavior relationships in general, have done much to bring about the recent ascendence of the biological perspective in psychology.