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The controlling purpose in the life of the Utopians is to secure both the welfare of the State and the full development of the individual under the ascendancy of his higher faculties.
She was conscious of being a complete master of the situation, having once for all established her ascendancy over de Barral.
He had been completely under his wife's ascendancy, so much so that, on dying, he left the place to her for her lifetime, as well as the larger part of his income; an arrangement that was distinctly unfair to his two sons.
Nietzsche, the supposed anarchist, here plainly disclaims all relationship whatever to anarchy, for he shows us that only by bearing the burdens of the existing law and submitting to it patiently, as the camel submits to being laden, does the free spirit acquire that ascendancy over tradition which enables him to meet and master the dragon "Thou shalt,"--the dragon with the values of a thousand years glittering on its scales.
By which magnanimous speech he not only saved his conqueror a whipping, but got back all his ascendancy over the boys which his defeat had nearly cost him.
I knew that your ascendancy over him was the cause of his going to China to take care of the business there, while you took care of it here (though I do not even now know whether these were really terms of separation that you agreed upon); and that it was your will that I should remain with you until I was twenty, and then go to him as I did.
To these impulses must be added the complete ascendancy which his friend had long been accustomed to exercise over him--an ascendancy exerted in the beginning sorely at the expense of his friend's vices, and was in nine cases out of ten looked upon as his designing tempter when he was indeed nothing but his thoughtless, light-headed tool.
His government, known as The Ascendancy, has attacked and enslaved eleven other Earths and has its sights set on our world as their next target for their empire.
com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Diabetes: Battle for ascendancy escalates in expanding market - KOL Insight http://www.
Ascendancy Healthcare, Inc and Quintiles have inked a multi-year collaboration deal, which will span a full spectrum of clinical development activities necessary for the registration of products for commercialization in China.
He interrogates the myth that the New Deal signaled an era of liberal ascendancy and a strong labor-movement, arguing that corporations have dominated American politics since long before the neoliberal revolution 40 years ago.
Blues boss Lee Clark also saw Peter Lovenkrands hit a post and groaned: "Before they scored we were in the ascendancy.
CAPTAIN Chris Robshaw attributed England's 23-13 victory over France to an improved defence as they moved into the ascendancy in the final quarter of the RBS Six Nations clash at Twickenham.
Summary: The selection of the UAE to chair two major technical committees for Halal standards has reiterated the global significance of the country as an important market and its ascendancy as a Halal hub in the region.
Tasmanians were the strongest supporters of Prince William's ascendancy at 90 per cent.