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Havoc was a great start for DLC, and we think Ascendance delivers even more of the nonstop action fans love, said Glen Schofield, Co-Founder and Studio head, Sledgehammer Games.
Palin's ascendance mirrors that of women like Joan of Arc, who threatened the male dominated culture of her day.
200 had endless variety; Constantine after 313 used a stick and carrot method that strove for ascendance of the church over other religions and the unity of Christianity.
Ed Koch's mayoralty ushered in complex changes in housing and transit, while Ronald Reagan's ascendance meant a colder federal shoulder for the city's poor.
Hopes are high that this year's sale can continue its ascendance.
Smith's punchy anecdotes and interesting observations punctuate statistical and historical analyses of these countries' ascendance, from the concurrent growth of China and Wal-Mart to India's one-billionth baby.
Opposition groups in Kuwait agreed to shelve anti-government protests in February as the country marks the 50th anniversary of its independence, the 20th anniversary of Kuwait's liberation from Iraqi occupation and the emir's ascendance to power five years ago.
Summary: Abha, June 08, 2010, SPA -- Prince Faisal ibn Khalid ibn Abdulaziz, Governor of Assir Province has congratulated the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz and the Saudi people on the occasion of the 5th anniversary for the ascendance of King Abdullah to the throne.
China celebrated its ascendance with a show of goose-stepping troops, gaudy floats and nuclear-capable missiles in the nation's capital on Thursday, 60 years after Mao Zedong proclaimed its embrace of communism.
George's ascendance to a patron of England when he was not English and his principal shrine was not located in England) to its influence through the Middle Ages and beyond.
Using his own interviews with Kelly, which have "never before been published", Spoto turns a fresh eye on the well-known story bringing it alive for a new generation of readers who will hopefully be driven to seek out the catalogue of films that made Kelly such a star before her ascendance into the royal stratosphere ONE DAY by David Nicholls, (Hodder & Stoughton, pounds 12.
Father Dimitris Demetriou, 39, and son Lagis, 13, became a British TV and YouTube sensation as Stavros Flatley in a series of appearances in their epic ascendance through the stages of the talent show.
Lego gained ascendance in the 1970s, before the baffling Rubik's Cube in 1980 and 1981.
The six-day trip to Washington and New York coincides not just with his birthday, but the three-year anniversary of his ascendance to the Catholic Church's top position.
Michael Prokopow: How has Shanghai's ascendance to being the "city of the 21st century" been revealed in its art?