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South African plant widely cultivated for its showy pure white spathe and yellow spadix

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Strictly speaking, it is an inflorescence, because Amorphophallus produces a spadix like the arum lily (Zantedeschia), and is a member of the same family (the Araceae).
CSIRO Entomology is involved in biological control projects for eight environmental weeds: St John's wort, horehound, Scotch broom, bitou bush/boneseed, arum lily, bridal creeper, water hyacinth and Mimosa pigra.
Invisible ties drawing her to the man are momentarily broken, enabling her to dance an airy solo: he demonstrates how high he can jump before she spins back to her arum lily.
Preliminary research in Meeuse's laboratory indicates that glyphosate leads to abnormalities in arum lily flowering, presumably by interfering with salicylic acid production.
A Opium poppy B Laburnum C Arum lily D Deadly nightshade QUESTION 7 - for 7 points: Actor Jeff Goldblum plays an expert in which field in the Independence Day films?
Around the barrel pond there are pots of colourful cannas, colocasia and arum lily Picasso, the hibiscu1s bluebird flowers profusely, with tithonia 'The Torch', an orange multi-stemmed Mexican sunflower.
Damp ground is a valuable wildlife habitat and there are plenty of plants which will thrive happily with wet feet, including bugle (Ajuga reptans), Siberian iris, lobelia, Arum lily and globeflower.
For a waterside edge the magnificent arum lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica), known also as the Easter Lily, is now out and proud.
Today's key flower ingredient is the calla or arum lily, also known as Zantedeschia.
THIS exquisite arum lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) is a wonderful variety that flowers all summer with beautiful pure white flowers carried above 45cm-long basal leaves.
p Zantedeschia Zwartzwalder: A wonderful hybrid form of arum lily with spotted leaves and deep purple, funnel-shaped spathes on 20cm (8in) stems.
Boffins at Bournemouth University and writers at BBC Wildlife Magazine need help people to help study the arum lily found in hedgerows, at the roadside and near woods.
Some plants are simply amazing - especially lobelia and arum lily which, if left in deep water in the garden pond, will survive very low temperatures.