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One opponent Pacquiao is unlikely to face is Amir Khan (pictured right), with Arum insisting the Briton rejected the fight - "with Khan a lot of it is just talk".
Many boxing enthusiasts and experts are claiming that there is zero chance that Arum and Mayweather will work together again, especially after their legal and personal battles years ago.
He (Pacquiao) liked Mosley because Mosley is better known than the other two," Arum said of the choice.
I really believe this issue with the uncle has an effect," Arum said.
To follow this group of plants further, you may need to buy the book entitled 'Aroids, Plants of the Arum family' by Deni Brown.
Arum said Cotto, 28, agreed to terms last week and Pacquiao did so over the weekend.
Arum says while the justices' ruling might seem reasonable, the actual consequences of the decisions have been profound.
The dead-horse arum outdoes all the others, says Seymour, who's at the University of Adelaide in Australia.
There were no foreign nationals among the victims, Arum said.
One of the prettiest, the arum lily, or zantedeschia, has lush foliage that is useful for creating a tropical feel.
Although this arum will perform best in partial shade, if the soil is kept moist it will do reasonably well in sun.
Jodi Andrews and Inger Arum Recognized for Growing ProTrials
Manny Pacquiao fight still not finalised, Bob Arum, founder and president of Top Rank Promotions continue to criticise Mayweather and The Money Team.
Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum said talks with unbeaten Mayweather to arrange a bout for November 13 were now over, although the clash could still happen.
The Titan Arum, which is native to Indonesia, flowers just once every six or seven years, and during this time it lets out an odour so stomach-churning that it is colloquially known as "the corpse flower", reports the Telegraph.