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Synonyms for artwork



Synonyms for artwork

photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication

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It has submitted an application for the replica lighthouse, which would be built on the A548 Talacre/Hamilton Oil roundabout, and has more pieces of artwork in the pipeline.
Parents and adults may educate children, but may not participate directly in the artwork," the statement read.
The artworks will then be selected for an exhibition that will take place in February.
As a result of her collaboration with Collins Artworks, Friebert's artwork will also enter a rotation of showings in the area.
Ms Nichols said over 300 pieces of artwork were given out by 30 riders.
Katy created an artwork called The Two Of Us for the project.
Answers will vary but may include: There was a hint of the hidden artwork s different texture or colors in some regions of the paintings
The school unveiled the artwork in a special private viewing for pupils, parents, staff and governors.
0 also introduces Intelligent Proofreading that helps to eliminate false positives by more than 50% by applying logic to identify different elements of the artwork including: Text, artwork, barcode, Braille, background and dielines.
Entitled "KaiJuice", Amy's piece was created exclusively for the show and is a limited run of one box canvas print of Amy's digital artwork.
As it clusters artwork photos, Art Now also aggregates popular hashtags.
The artwork will be displayed at stations along Chiltern's route, showing how transport and art can combine as essential parts of UK public life.
The display - which is a retrospective insight into George Lund's artwork - shows a number of iconic Liverpool buildings created throughout the life of the artist.
Hence, what goes around it is just as important as the artwork itself.
If space allows, display the artwork a day or two before the auction.