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the arts of decorative design and handicraft

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That is, arts and crafts spark innovation, and without innovation, fewer products would be invented and fewer companies would be started, which would result in fewer jobs.
SIMI VALLEY -- Unique items that senior citizens have crafted will be on sale at the city's Spring Arts and Crafts Fair scheduled for March 30-31 at the Simi Valley Senior Center.
Afterall, if we don't find ways to bring craft to the classroom, who will continue the legacy of the American Arts and Crafts Movement to become America's future craftspeople, gallery owners, art enthusiasts, art collectors, and art educators?
Surely a similar 'blockbuster' devoted exclusively to the British Arts and Crafts movement would have been of no less interest as a marketable commodity to overseas venues (a factor one recognises as essential in today's museum realities)?
The movement started in the 1880s and was initially focused on two organisations, the Art Workers' Guild and the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society.
The Bellevue Art (now Arts) Museum opened a half-century ago, taking root in the hugely successful Bellevue Arts and Crafts Fair--an event that now attracts 300,000 visitors and $1.
Knowing they could gain more tourism dollars by selling First Nation arts and crafts, the community, the chief and Serpent River band council and a steering committee gathered to create a plan to make the trading post a stop customers would remember.
Maarten, beautiful Anguilla shows off its locally produced works at the Arts and Crafts Center (The Valley; 809-497-2200).
Moore operates arts and crafts stores that offer a vast assortment of traditional and contemporary arts and crafts merchandise for a wide range of customers.
Arts and crafts hobbies are having their biggest revival since the 1970s, when Americans willingly gave up tens of millions of hours of free time to craft macrame plant holders, granny squares and sand candles.
A utopian experiment which grew out of the Arts and Crafts Movement as a counterpoint to Fordist industrial production, it was envisaged as a collective educational community in which intimate involvement with craft would improve the material circumstances and, more importantly, the moral character of its citizens.
Throughout the nation, new craft galleries are being established, arts and crafts festivals are found in every town square and shopping mall, our living spaces are finding surfaces for showing contemporary expressions in glass, clay, wood, fibers and metal.
The Rotary Club of Woodland Hills Arts & Crafts Faire: Information booths, food, and arts and crafts from local artists.
It announced that: 'The publishers have determined to make "The Architectural Review" the leading magazine for those engaged in Arts and Crafts, and while in its illustration and letterpress, and general excellence of production, it will rival the finest Art periodicals of Europe and America, it will be published at a price that will bring the Magazine within universal reach'.
DOWNTOWN ON ICE: The Southland's largest outdoor skating rink opens to the public today, and will feature special events throughout the holiday season, including tree decorating, arts and crafts, Disney on Ice previews and more.
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