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a person who poses for a painter or sculptor


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Although the American public was familiar with the artist's model and the cloak model as social types and stage personae, the high-end clothing mannequin was a new figure for US audiences.
Among the central pieces of attraction at the exhibition are Constantin Brancusi's bronze sculpture "Mademoiselle Pogany II" and Pablo Picasso's "Tete de Femme, Fernande", which is one of the final bronze casts of the artist's model Fernande Oliver.
A artist's model of how the redeveloped Birmingham New Street Station will look.
It was really a planners' fantasy and never became more than just an artist's model.
Drawing on popular texts, such as physiologies, and on caricatures as well as Salon paintings, The Invention of the Model examines the metier of the artist's model and explores how gender, social identity, and ethnicity shaped popular perceptions and stereotypes about this figure.
Maurice gets her a job as a nude artist's model and wants to stay to watch her work She shows up at his place looking for an afternoon delight - but not with him.
of Missouri-Saint Louis), the academic stereotype of a artist's model was male, and his role off the model stand was irrelevant, but by the end of the century, the model was popularly assumed to be female, often sexually available, and perhaps in a sexual relationship with the artist.
Another is the unsatisfactory treatment of Jerome's love interest, Audrey (Sophia Myles), an artist's model with a skeptical view of the pretentious art scene.
Mary Lathers, Bodies in Art: French Literary Realism and the Artist's Model.
De Pina, the ice man turned fireworks maker and sometime artist's model, and Magda Harout does delicious double duty as the tipsy actress and the Grand Duchess of Russia who comes in late to make blintzes.
Not only is terrorism ever-present in the novel, mirroring the Syrian terrorists attacks of 1986, but it also conflates with the hardships of Eden's everyday life as an artist's model, an au pair, a poet's helper, or even a thief when she has to survive without a job.
Pop-up inside: naked artist's model in loose clothing (6) 32.
The theme of salvation versus no life at all echoes in a wall-size charcoal drawing that matches a modular wooden artist's model with a few crudely scrawled words: DOWN?
Bonfiglio trained as a dancer in college, but it was his work as an artist's model that fired him with the spirit of emulation.