artist's loft

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a factory loft that has been converted into an artist's workroom and living area

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An artist's loft in a garden," said Los Angeles lighting and furniture designer Ron Rezek, summing up the objective of his family home.
A TRUE, first generation Soho artist's loft owned by the late conceptual artist Arakawa and his wife, Madeline Gins, is for sale at $22.
If you can picture a Barcelona artist's loft, you have formed the basis for the theme.
Other new restaurants will include Buca di Beppo and Cafe Tu Tu Tango, designed to mimic an artist's loft in Barcelona.
The television set shown on the Net is broadcast from a studio in New Jersey and resembles an artist's loft, with a lot of exposed brick and metal, hardwood floors and a couple of faux windows, and many computers with Windows software.
Mileski, EVP/COO, and Gerry Gessie, Branch Executive Director in support of The Gateway Family YMCA - Rahway Branch for the naming rights to one of the newly constructed Artist's Lofts within the facility.
In addition to an extensively renovated YMCA facility, the Rahway Branch will offer Artist's Lofts, expanding the Arts presence in the Rahway community.
Snyder calls his proposal the ``real deal'' because with 500 apartments, 242 artist's lofts, an office complex, supermarket, retail stores, lots of parking and a community center, it has the kind of critical mass to change the character of the neighborhood.
1 -- color) THE FUTURE: Strolling residents and shoppers, a community center, day care, artist's lofts and more are part of the plans for NoHo.
The Rahway Branch will offer Artist's Lofts within the newly renovated facility, providing dedicated space for artists (both amateur and professional) to help individuals and groups create and have artwork on display.
Typically known as artist's lofts, today's live/work lofts are now popular with computer programmers, sales reps, photographers, fashion designers and those seeking to make a creative statement.