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The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) is working to transform artisanal and small-scale mining into a social and environmentally responsible activity by supporting miners in reaching Fairmined Certification.
We are thrilled to welcome Artisanal to this prime retail space, which has been transformed as part of the major capital improvements that are nearing completion at 387 Park Avenue South and attracting high-level tenants like Artisanal and Barry's Bootcamp," said Steve N.
from sheared metasediment schist in a new artisanal site in the
Numbers compiled by the Camara Minera de Nicaragua (CAMINIC) suggest that in 2013--when gold eclipsed beef and coffee as the country's top selling export product--27% of the total output came from artisanal and small-scale miners.
African artisanal fisheries are increasingly showing their potential, when they are supported adequately, to provide an engine for development that is socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.
Gold mineralisation hosted in two structural corridors - defined by large artisanal workings, extensive geochemical anomalies and aircore drill intersections from reconnaissance program.
The duo delved deeper into the art and science of other forms of artisanal baking to better understand the complexities of leavening dough.
We have considerable respect for these brands and believe they will greatly enhance our portfolio," said Artisanal President, Bob Leggett.
Perhaps the most vital contributor to the artisanal movement is the growing sense that there is value in something being created through hard work and intention rather than simply made or manufactured.
8220;This prediction, coupled with the explosion in the number of artisanal wineries, means there is enormous potential,” said Kooren.
With the planned afforestation of fish in all bodies of fresh water, including ponds belonging to the Aquaculture Family Plan, the Government will support the artisanal and subsistence fishermen and fisherwomen, who are heads of the household in rural communities in the country.
AS PEOPLE HAVE COME TO EXPECT MORE FROM THEIR FOODS, Fresh Express, a division of Cincinnati-based Chiquita Brands, is brining back the taste of the four seasons with a line of salads cultivated by artisanal growers and picked throughout the year for optimal freshness and taste.
Oregon craft distilleries hope their new Oregon Distillers Guild will do for artisanal spirits what the Oregon Brewers Guild (now the largest craft brewers guild in the country) did for beer in the state.
The program recognizes excellence in artisanal food production across the country in a variety of food categories, including Outstanding Bread/Baked Good; Outstanding Dairy; Outstanding Meat and Charcuterie; Outstanding Fish and Seafood; Outstanding Confectionary Food; Outstanding Condiment, Oil or Vinegar; and Outstanding Fruit or Vegetable.
These problems are not restricted to human resource issues, and stem partially from the country's numerous small-scale or artisanal miners.