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Synonyms for artiodactyl

of or relating to or belonging to mammals of the order Artiodactyla

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Like all artiodactyls, including pigs, hippos, camels, cattle and antelopes, deer have hooves with an even number of toes.
Consistent with this observation, each individual genome segment of V585 was most closely related to artiodactyl-derived strains or human zoonotic rotavirus strains characterized to be derived from artiodactyl hosts.
More recent genetic research found that among artiodactyls, hippos are the cetaceans' closest living relatives.
The purpose of this report is to describe an unusual, new occurrence of the anthracotheriid artiodactyl Heptacodon from the Yegua Formation in Houston County (100 miles north of the city of Houston and 100 miles east of Waco), Texas, and to focus new attention on this genus, the rarest among North American anthracotheriids.
Working independently in fossil beds in northern Pakistan, he and his colleagues have concluded that pakicetids, a group ancestral to modern cetaceans and predating the transition to marine life, also had the artiodactyl ankle form.
Tayassuidae and related Old World pigs (Suidae) have four-toed feet, usually with separate metapodials, unlike other artiodactyls in which the central metapodials are completely and solidly fused into a cannon bone.
On the other hand, a new whale fossil could show up with feet that belong unmistakably to an artiodactyl.
An example is LSUMG 3599, a small artiodactyl right premolar, which differs from AMNH 95489, Blastomeryx from the Trinity River site in Texas, in lacking a distinctive posterolabial heel.
Furthermore, DNA analysis of a small sample of artefacts revealed the presence of mammalian DNA including pig or boar (Sus scrofa) and probable artiodactyl sequences (Hardy et al.
1 (basalmost artiodactyls [paraphyletic]: diacodexid, primitive [unassigned, some dichobunine] dichobunid dichobunoids): Ml-3 (Ms) bunodont, triangular; metaconule unenlarged; no hypocone (Old World [OW] origin).
People's Choice: Meaghan Emery, "Variation in Modern Artiodactyls and Implications for Oreodont Phylogeny"
The majority appear to be attracted to the rumen contents of artiodactyls, but meat baits can attract some species (Tshikae et al.
Skeletons of terrestrial cetaceans and the relationship of whales to artiodactyls.
8 for many species of artiodactyls (Lomolino 2005) and for mammals <1 kg body mass isolated in forest islands in Denmark for 175 years.
The expressions, completely natural regarding the plants or animals (the mammal of the class of artiodactyls or the agricultural plant of the bean family) seem the nonsense regarding the humans.