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Synonyms for artiodactyl

of or relating to or belonging to mammals of the order Artiodactyla

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Like all artiodactyls, including pigs, hippos, camels, cattle and antelopes, deer have hooves with an even number of toes.
Conservation within Artiodactyls of an AATA interrupt in the IGF I microsatellite for 19-35 Million years.
More recent genetic research found that among artiodactyls, hippos are the cetaceans' closest living relatives.
Twelve species of mammals were recorded in Tupala (Tables 3, 5), including seven rodent species, three carnivorous, one artiodactyl and one lagomorph.
Site Taxon GA-l GK-1 GK-2 GK-3 GM-1 Total Vertebrate Small-medium vertebrate 3 9 12 Medium vertebrate 3 2 1 6 Mammal Small-medium mammal 2 36 12 50 Medium artiodactyl 4 1 5 Capra hircus / Ovis sp.
The marsupials (1,2) and the small artiodactyl, Leptomeryx (3), are the only portions of the fauna which have been studied in detail.
This compares to an estimated range of 8 to 12 MJ/d average realized metabolic requirements for a 20-kg artiodactyl (Konoplev et al.
1995) estimated and then synthesized ancestral amino acid sequences of artiodactyl pancreatic ribonuclease.
NSP1, NSP4, and NSP5 clustered with sequences from artiodactyl hosts, however branching was not supported by significant bootstrap values (Figure 2, Appendix, panels E, H, I).
A small new species of the anthracotheriid artiodactyl genus Heptacodon is described from the middle Eocene Yegua Formation (Claiborne Group) from a site near Lovelady, Houston County, Texas.
Since living cetaceans have no vestige of these bones, the discovery of early whales with distinctly artiodactyl ankles provides a "Rosetta stone" linking modern marine mammals to living artiodactyls, says Gingerich.
INTRODUCTION Faunal lists for the Medicine Pole Hills (MPH) Local Fauna have been reported (1,2), however, the only element of the fauna that has been studied in detail is the artiodactyl, Leptomeryx (3).
This artiodactyl can live in a wide range of habitats, though it prefers grasslands where it can find standing water, because it loves wallowing in the mud.
A second instant of the development of rodent-like incisors in an artiodactyl.
Systematic relationships in the artiodactyl tribe Bovini (family Bovidae), as determined from mitochondrial DNA sequences.