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a serviceman in the artillery

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This projectile is exceeding all of its key performance parameters, and the Army's artillerymen continue to sing its praises.
Artillerymen with Battery's A and B, 2nd Battalion, 15th Field Artillery Regiment at Forward Operating Base Boris recently became the first unit in Regional Command East to use the Precision Guidance Kit, or PGK, when they test-fired rounds equipped with the system last April 21.
Walton, the son of one of the forward observers on Okinawa, spent more than 20 years investigating what happened to his father and other artillerymen during the conflict.
I am very happy to be on the gun line again and see Australian artillerymen deliver first class training to our Afghan partners, Major General Crane said.
Once a barrack base that housed British artillerymen during World War II; the Ma.
Dave got his first taste of war reporting for the Chronicle on Geordie artillerymen on the frontline at the Macedonia-Kosovo border in 1999.
They are quite good at creating the best infantrymen, pilots, ship captains, tank commanders and artillerymen, but they do little to recognize and develop technical expertise," the authors argued in the article in the Information Assurance Technology Newsletter, which is published by the Defense Department's Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center.
In the immediate rear of the Union line, in one of the few clearings, the Army of the Potomac had its headquarters--a tent city guarded by hundreds of cavalrymen and hundreds more artillerymen with 50 cannons.
ARMY artillerymen will soon have a new weapon that will allow them to provide more accurate fires.
We've all learned that engineers, cavalrymen, and field artillerymen are the most versatile Soldiers in the Army's formations.
For boys who love their toys, take them to The Canonniers Museum (44 Rue des Canonniers, 0033 3 2055 5890) where they can peer at more than 3,000 military objects including rifles from 1777 to 1945, knives and the famous Gribeauval cannons that Napoleon Bonaparte gave to his artillerymen.
For me, it's the Bhoys' Brigade against the Artillerymen - and the bookmakers have priced it up accordingly.
If you think about a platoon that only has one medic and that medic is to handle that entire platoon of soldiers, but if you can train infantrymen, artillerymen, MPs to do that initial lifesaving, then you can augment what that medic can do tenfold.