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Additionally, iseganan has been shown to be well tolerated in clinical studies in cancer patients, and to effect significant reductions in the level of bacteria in the oral cavity of cancer patients as well as patients who require artificial ventilation.
The 19-year-old man - one of the youngest people to be afflicted by the fatal nerve condition, which cripples the body but not the mind - has indicated to doctors and carers by a tiny "yes or no" movement of his eyelid that he wants his artificial ventilation turned off if he loses all ability to communicate with the world around him.
for the project: Purchase of apparatus for artificial ventilation and ultrasound apparatus capable of Doppler and navigate the needle, Contract RD-12-359 / 12.
A London National Health Service Trust asked for the declaration after its consultants agreed that artificial ventilation would be painful for the child and only delay death without helping his suffering.
In a Phase I/II study of patients undergoing lung transplant surgery, AVANT demonstrated TP10 to be safe and well-tolerated and to demonstrate significant reduction in the time the patients were on artificial ventilation following surgery.
Contract notice: Purchase of 15 pieces of new equipment for artificial ventilation for ems pardubice region
He spent 23 days on artificial ventilation before being considered fit to be discharged home.
Nine hundred fifty-nine patients participated in this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled Phase III clinical trial at 31 investigating sites worldwide, in which survival was defined as patients who were alive but neither receiving artificial ventilation nor requiring a tracheostomy to assist breathing.
Part C / 16 pieces of equipment for artificial ventilation / transport ventilators - estimated value 2,644,629 CZK without VAT.
Part 22 endotracheal tubes for prolonged artificial ventilation,
3 pieces of portable sonogram, including 3 pieces of phase probes, 3 pieces of convex probes, one piece of high-frequency linear probes, 6 pieces of apparatus for artificial ventilation, including 6 pieces carts, 6 pcs brackets circuit hardware and software for collecting data of 15 patients~ workplaces 2 evaluation station for the analysis of collected data (2x hw and sw).
3 procurement - Apparatus for artificial ventilation contracting authority requires a security deposit in the amount of 15 000 CZK.
Announcement of competition: Provision of artificial ventilation.
The subject of the tender is the supply of 2 devices for long-term artificial ventilation and 1 transport ventilator for the Department of Internal Medicine and Intensive Care Department of Surgery Faculty Hospital.
This work will also help clinicians to make early predictions of how well a patient's immune system will respond to viruses, so they can manage early interventions such as artificial ventilation more effectively.