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of or relating to artifacts


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with this methodology, any reaction that consumes NADH occurring within the sample will artifactually increase the reported HC[O.
The work--whose situational point of departure was an Idaho brothel Kienholz had visited as a young man--was the artist's first fully realized "tableau" (a word he coined for it) and signaled his transition from discrete, freestanding Surrealist assemblage to the mode of immersive, artifactually heterogeneous installation that he in no small part invented and on which he would make his name.
The increased use of highly sensitive cardiac biomarkers, particularly troponin, over time might also have contributed to both an artifactually higher incidence of myocardial infarction and a lower level of severity among diagnosed cases.
At least one experimenter, the late John Beloff, as an extreme example, had done so many experiments with chance results that many of us teased him that he was "psi-icidal"; he must be somehow suppressing psi among his subjects, for he ought to have had at least a few artifactually significant results by chance alone in all the studies he'd done
Because of the small number of superdiffusers, this effect is artifactually attenuated substantially due to range restriction in the dichotomous superdiffuser status variable (Hunter & Schmidt, 2004), and correcting it for the value that would be expected given an equal split yields an exceptionally large correlation, r' = .
Laboratory data, however, should be less affect ed, and extra testing in response to the heightened awareness of influenza activity might have artifactually lowered the positivity rate.
The bias in the sample, that patients not followed up in the one-month survey were more likely to have public assistance for medical coverage and to be male and African American, may artifactually raise our estimation of patient's ratings of their attending physicians' communication behaviors, given that the last two characteristics are associated with lower ratings of physician communication behaviors (Hall, Elliott, and Stiles 1993).
Additional participants were excluded because their RSA values were artifactually elevated (see "RSA Estimation" section, next page).
Artifactually low glycated haemoglobin in a patient with severe hypertriglyceridaemia.
Scores on a HAQ may actually be elevated artifactually in many individuals if a device such as a jar opener is used, as use of such a device would render a HAQ score abnormal when no real disability exists.
In the final chapter, Rescher insists again that "our only cognitive access to reality comes via a model that we make of reality to serve as its artifactually thought-contrived surrogate" (p.
However, it is hard to imagine that the respondents in this study would artifactually have caused the differential pattern of relationships for learning and performance goal orientations with the seeking of self-improvement and self-validation feedback information.
Since the unconscious has been exteriorized artifactually, its appropriation by consciousness cannot be achieved by resorting to means that release it in an uncontrolled manner.