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Synonyms for articulateness

vivid, effective, or persuasive communication in speech or artistic performance

Synonyms for articulateness

the quality of being facile in speech and writing

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The imagery denies the rebels rationality and articulateness so that their revolutionary outcry seems nothing more than beastly absurdity.
Almost everyone had something to say and spoke or wrote with a degree of articulateness which has never been surpassed.
This articulateness, along with the successful use of boycotts, picketing, etc.
Sharon Olds describes value in "that attentiveness, and the development of more articulateness about what it is we feel and think .
Triumphing by dint of her courage and articulateness, Esther serves as the brave voice for the kingdom's Jewish population and cleverly manipulates her proximity to power.
For lack of adequate articulateness, they resort more and more to gesturing, posturing, winking, and inarticulate grumbling.
So I undertook the review of The Major Phases with some reservations, only to be delighted at the clarity and articulateness of Gooblar's writing.
You are fingered, inescapably tagged--boxed in not by the form [such as a Census form or a class survey], but by collective presumptions and cultural prejudgments-about beauty, criminality, intelligence, manners, articulateness, merit, health, and contagion.
When he was finally interviewed on national television after being chosen in Toronto on the fourth ballot, many were surprised, as well as impressed, by his ease and articulateness in both languages.
neglect from which they suffer with an articulateness even Dickens could
ACTE: You mentioned a certain level of articulateness about ideas.
Listen critically during rehearsal and performance for the above sound ideals, while using gestural and verbal articulateness to shape the music toward that goal.
Beyond that, they highlight their own displays of courage, good judgment, quick wit, and articulateness, and demonstrate how effective their prayers are.
He said the people he talked to " spoke with characteristic articulateness but in an atmosphere of friendship and with a positive view of the future".