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Synonyms for articulately

with eloquence

in an articulate manner


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But the son-in-law of Michel Aoun is making headlines not for articulately publicizing the crises Lebanon faces or for winning this small country international support, but for crudely objectifying a senior member of his staff.
Despite their bluster and undue arrogance and their once perceived world domination, now embarrassingly diminished into much shocking bankruptcy they can never recover, and with whole industrial towns and cities in the USA closed down, it still remains that educated Americans speak English articulately and with barely an accent.
People have stated their case, especially Lenny Henry, very articulately.
The production unit of the show has been articulately chalking out theme for episodes featuring cricketers.
v=YDevHoS7C2I) interview at Roland Garros , Bouchard clearly and articulately said that she's only focused to win and the semifinals match is not the time to make friends.
He knew about Wrexham falling out of the Football League and articulately made the analogy of the falling of empires and the building of new, better regimes.
Here she writes articulately of her self-discovery as she grew up in Boston, became a well-known Boston academic, a well-traveled Fullbright scholar, and a confident, but realistic, cancer patient.
This book articulately conveys the author's experience during Freedom Summer and its impact on American life.
Ask him a question and he'll answer it articulately and in depth.
Given recent political developments in Australia, it is encouraging to see that the world is not all heading in a similar direction, and that the voices of radical dissent, which have always enlivened adult education as a discipline, continue to be raised loudly and articulately in many parts of the world.
y They speak very articulately to different audiences including other pupils, teachers and visitors.
This is not about your accent, but rather your ability to speak articulately and confidently.
While Ryan is staunchly committed to authentic conservative beliefs, he also possesses the oratorical prowess to convey his views articulately and win the hearts and minds of the American people.
Nothing reflected that attitude more articulately than the spring and summer collections of two Egyptian designers: Amina Khalil and Deana Shaaban.
One interest we share is the growth of our economies to create jobs and prosperity for all of our citizens, as you so articulately pointed out.