articulated ladder

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a ladder consisting of segments (usually four) that are held together by joints that can lock in place

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Delivery of a Hubrettungsfahrzeuges - ladder type DLA (K) with articulated ladder section.
Type FA1012 Multi-Purpose Ladder FA1016 Multi-Purpose Ladder FC1006 Step-to-Straight Ladder FC1007 Step-to-Straight Ladder FC1008 Step-to-Straight Ladder FC1008-000043 Step-to-Straight Ladder FE8406 Manhole Ladder FE8408 Manhole Ladder FE8408-E16 Manhole Ladder FE8410 Manhole Ladder FE8410-E16 Manhole Ladder FE8412 Manhole Ladder FE8412-E16 Manhole Ladder FE8414 Manhole Ladder FE8414-E16 Manhole Ladder FE8414-E16E36 Manhole Ladder FE8416 Manhole Ladder FE8416-E16 Manhole Ladder FE8418 Manhole Ladder FE8418-E16 Manhole Ladder FE8420 Manhole Ladder FE8420-E16 Manhole Ladder FX1008 Extension Trestle Ladder FX1010 Extension Trestle Ladder FX1012 Extension Trestle Ladder L-3091-13 Ultimate Articulated Ladder L-3091-15 Ultimate Articulated Ladder
Contract notice: Automatic articulated ladder truck with the last stretch of 30 meters working range bound for the fire intervention unit.
Contract notice: Recruitment of acquiring a vehicle with automatic articulated ladder truck 42 meters for multiple uses and emergency services of the city of lugo.
Contract notice: Provision of a vehicle with an automatic articulated ladder truck for the company 112 cantabria, sau
The contract is for the purchase of 1 vehicle mechanical articulated ladder truck 32 meters (AEA).