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Synonyms for articulated

Synonyms for articulated

consisting of segments held together by joints


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Articulated bus market in EMEA: Much of the markets growth in EMEA is attributable to the well-established public transport system in Europe.
The NPATCH Program Director presented both the Articulated Plan Toolkit and Articulated Plan in practice recommendations to the BON at its October meeting.
The articulated vehicle is widely used in engineering machinery technology.
Gardetun notes: "Our range of Volvo articulated haulers are an important focus for us, as this year the Volvo articulated hauler concept celebrates its 50th anniversary - and after all this time we are still a pioneer and market leader in this product category.
The report covers the current scenario and the growth prospects of the global articulated robots market for the period of 2015-2019.
All Curry Supply off-road articulated water trucks feature a low center of gravity, a no-weld tank mounting design, an interior tank coating that exceeds industry standards, and an interlocking baffle design for durability.
About 56,000 owners of articulated vehicles have resorted to the General Union of Chamber of Commerce, wanting to have the adjustments made to their vehicles, following approval for the creation of 17 plants that will make the necessary adjustments, transforming them into lorries within the next two years.
The articulated buses were ordered by the bus operator S1 99 in Bogota.
When articulated forklifts were first introduced they were offered to the market as an effective alternative to VNA trucks", says John Maguire, sales and marketing director of Narrow Aisle Flexi.
Likened by the architect to the grain of a tree trunk laid on its side, the composition comprises a series of solids and voids, articulated by Hadid's trademark go-faster stripes that attempt to bring dynamism and movement to an otherwise static and weighty assemblage.
Results suggest that problem-based learning has the potential to be a pedagogy of formation and that the university mission can be learned and articulated by students.
Once the basic level of needs is articulated, the S & T and acquisition communities can work on translating them into possible materiel solutions.
Is there a clearly articulated case for support that will compel donors to action?
As the ACA National Board has facilitated discussions throughout the industry about the nature of camp and the priorities that the organization should address, one belief has been articulated consistently--camp is assumed to have some relationship to the outdoors.