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Synonyms for articulated

Synonyms for articulated

consisting of segments held together by joints


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Procurement of five low-floor articulated buses in intercity version, award in two lots.
The Hydrema articulated water truck complements the Curry Supply Off-Road Water Truck line of products.
The Colorado Nurse Practice Act and the State Board of Nursing (Board) Chapter XV Rules and Regulations for Prescriptive Authority (RXN) for Advanced Practice Nurses (APN) requires an APN who was granted Prescriptive Authority in Colorado prior to July 1, 2010 to complete an Articulated Plan and submit an Attestation of Development of Articulated Plan Form to the Board by July 1, 2011.
President Hosni Mubarak has recently given directives to the owners of articulated vehicles to make certain adjustments to their vehicles, as enshrined in the new traffic law.
Volvo Buses, a subsidiary of Volvo AB (NASDAQ: VOLV) (STO: VOLVA) (STO: VOLVB), a Sweden-based automaker, has received an order for 100 bi-articulated Volvo B9SALF buses to Sao Paulo in Brazil and 84 articulated buses for the BRT system in Bogota, Colombia.
Likened by the architect to the grain of a tree trunk laid on its side, the composition comprises a series of solids and voids, articulated by Hadid's trademark go-faster stripes that attempt to bring dynamism and movement to an otherwise static and weighty assemblage.
Results suggest that problem-based learning has the potential to be a pedagogy of formation and that the university mission can be learned and articulated by students.
Once the basic level of needs is articulated, the S & T and acquisition communities can work on translating them into possible materiel solutions.
Eboo Patel, the founder and director of the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC), who articulated the present need for interfaith dialogue in a post-9/11 world which was desperately in need of a language through which people of faith could articulate their religious traditions to their neighbors and build bridges of understanding between faith communities.
Is there a clearly articulated case for support that will compel donors to action?
As the ACA National Board has facilitated discussions throughout the industry about the nature of camp and the priorities that the organization should address, one belief has been articulated consistently--camp is assumed to have some relationship to the outdoors.
For the past 10 months, his designers have crafted an articulated, rolling 1-10 scale version of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers, highly detailed toys for adult space enthusiasts.
Too often, communicators enable their executives to articulate the organization's developments and strengths to external audiences, but these messages are not articulated as effectively to internal audiences.