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Synonyms for articulate

Synonyms for articulate

produced by the voice

fluently persuasive and forceful

to produce or make (speech sounds)

to make into a whole by joining a system of parts

Synonyms for articulate

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My first project with Articulate Presenter consisted of downloading a random PowerPoint presentation I found on the Internet and then converting it to web-ready form using Presenter.
This experience provided me with valuable information about students' abilities to articulate a mission in a PBL classroom.
Harry's mentor, however, is Albus Dumbledore, the school's Headmaster, who both embodies and articulates the ethic of acceptance of human limitations: '"After all, to the well-organised mind, what is death but the next great adventure?
In April, I saw Health Canada officials trying to articulate a strategy for consultation that takes these concerns seriously.
Reaching a different conclusion than reached in Landry, an Iowa state court ruled that ordering a passenger to exit a lawfully stopped vehicle requires officers, at a minimum, to articulate some suspicion of criminal activity on the part of the passenger.
Every individual's experience of grace is a very sophisticated theology, which the specialist community has not really been able to articulate yet.
But a great deal of what four years of Clinton will bring for African-Americans depends largely upon the level of negotiating skills and desire to articulate their concerns.
For the fifth time since 2004, Articulate has been named a finalist for the SABRE Awards, produced by The Holmes Report and recognizing superior achievement in PR programs that demonstrate creativity, innovation and effectiveness.
com)-- Commlab India webcasted the first session of the online tutorial on Articulate Storyline on Thursday, May 8th, 2014.
This review summarizes the comments of the 10 panelists who have used Articulate.
We were initially overwhelmed by the level of articulateness that we discovered, but then we realized that the power of this process lay in the ability of the students to use their own words and voices to articulate their learning and their understanding of praxis.
Meakin's book on John Donne, on the other hand, does not address female audience at all; instead, Meakin seeks to articulate the ways in which Donne "articulates" the feminine in some of his less studied works.
From the perspective of Karl Popper, by contrast, indoctrination should be thorough, not in the sense of shutting off all criticisms but in the sense of being done competently and by someone who is informed and articulate.
Ann Kaplan and Creating the Couple: Love, Marriage and Hollywood Performance by Virginia Wright Wexman, attempt to articulate how ideological constructs work to create the feminine within an ever proliferating mass consumer culture.
That they wrote in French deserves more discussion on De Jongh's part, but they did articulate before many others the perspective that Harlem could embody the African experience for all Africans.