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relating to or affecting the joints of the body


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IT was a articularly emotional ccasion for singer Jane McDonald when she erformed in front of a ell-out audience at this ne-nighter.
Mr Carter said the burglary has left him and his family feeling 'invaded,' and his daughter, who suffers from autism, has been articularly badly ffected and will ontinue to be affected y it for some time.
But Salzman is more interested in the social dimension of the politically unequal relationship between Painter and Warwick, and Shrank too notes how both flytings to some extent move away from politics as they proceed towards the display of a more obviously 'literary' game; the penultimate item in the Grey-Smith exchange is styled An Artificial Apology Articularly Answering to the Obstreperous Obgannings of One W.
Admittedly, Liverpool benefited from having shaken off in midweek much of the ring-rustiness that obviously affected Chelsea yesterday, articularly during a one-sided first half.
And while such proliferation may have some benefit in fostering moderation, an overabundance of such codes -- p articularly when left to arbitrary choice -- could result in none being taken seriously enough.
The low level of imports is due to soft domestic demand, but also to a articularly weak tendency in certain import-intensive exports and in investment in machinery and equipment.
This uncertainty is p articularly evident in the December contract.
The research to date is very clear that families worry about discrimination, p articularly against their children, should they disclose their HIV status.
She has raised the bar and it will be interesting to see the work that follows in this area as a result -- p articularly in the area of First Nation laws and governance.
Industry professionals, shipper associations, and a congressional committee have asked for a further review and examination of the potential costs and benefits of the new Act, p articularly regarding the antitrust immunity protection provided to ocean carriers.
For women who have been inordinately called upon to sacrifice their own needs and pleasures for others, this philosophical axiom and its fictional representation are p articularly vexing matters.