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vivid, effective, or persuasive communication in speech or artistic performance

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Ludicrous amounts of money might over-inflate a minority of them but in reality, they have the same range of articulacy and decency as any other group of working-class blokes who left school at 16.
2) I do so also in the recognition that, in the confusion of tongues between the potentially non-invidious generosities of adult care and the scenes of queer adolescent turmoil on which they might appear, such a mode of care is exceptionally, vanishingly difficult to bring to articulacy.
Picquart had much the easier task, given the articulacy of Dreyfus's admirers.
Teachers will also be at risk of losing their jobs if they do not uphold high standards of 'literacy, articulacy and the correct use of standards English' at all times.
Through it all she had displayed a boldness, an articulacy and a love of the limelight which has brought predictions of a Bollywood career further down the line.
was a matter of articulacy, not reason), attempts by Blair's enemies to destroy his political career were a complete failure.
Present-day Israelis, including many Jewish and some Arab graduates of the national school system, are united by a certain measure of biblical articulacy, a common source of reference and intellectual-emotional connotation, which is freely deployed in everyday speech, in commercial contexts, and in public discourse (A.
There is a laughing and a leaping for her, which is a happy leaping into knowledge and language; knowledge and words flow in a sublime articulacy of hermeneutic understanding, of revelation even.
The actress, who has an 11-year-old daughter and a 23-year-old adopted son, said: "We have to reinvest, I think, in the idea of articulacy as a form of personal human freedom and power.
Personalised Mobile Content Services: A Form of Articulacy II-5
Through eloquence and articulacy, FMs are able to identify key persons among employees who act as opinion makers.
series of tests that James has extremely high articulacy and writing skills, but very poor information processing abilities - a clear indication of Asperger''s.
Tony Clabby, judging on behalf of UnLtd, added: "I was particularly impressed with Lorraine's articulacy, identification of the market for her service and her commitment - evidenced by her decision to go parttime and invest her energy in developing her enterprise idea.
commander-in-chief responded with warmth and surprising articulacy.
Michiel [Heyns] captures the erudite parlance of the period, an articulacy designed to hide emotion.