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a legal document that creates a corporation

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With the approval of the Supervisory Board, the shareholders' meeting authorized the Board of Management to issue ordinary shares or grant rights and exclude and limit the pre-emption rights provided for in law and the articles of association in order to implement the capital contribution (rights issue and capital injection).
Under their articles of association the SFA can censure, fine, expel or suspend any football bodies, clubs, players, refs or persons found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute.
The Dutch government's plans to sell a minority stake of just under 50 percent in Schiphol Group were put on hold on Saturday when the City of Amsterdam vetoed the necessary changes in Schiphol's articles of association.
He said: "The articles of association of a company usually require a shareholder to sell his or her shares based on the auditor's valuation.
Since the memorandum and articles of association constitute a contract and every member has an individual right to have the terms of the contract enforced, a member could seek orders for specific performance or mandatory injunctions against the company to carry out the necessary procedures, and against the other members to vote for winding Up.
In the letter, both shareholders propose the inclusion of a new clause in AB Volvo's articles of association that - following a request to the Board of AB Volvo - permits Series A shareholders to convert their Series A to Series B shares.
proposed amendments to the Company's Articles of Association (in
Meeting concluded its discussions of most provisions of the articles of association of the said court and agreed to defer its considering of the articles pertaining to the court jurisdiction, acceptance of a petition and the right to recourse to the court.
The shareholders shall waive their right of priority to subscribe in these new shares (as an exception to Article 19 (Bis) of the Articles of Association of the bank).
Mr Al Refai and Canadian lawyer Robert Little have been accused of forging the Articles of Association of Bank Alkhair, formerly Unicorn Investment Bank.
The High Criminal Court of the Kingdom of Bahrain has deferred the issuance of a ruling in the case raised against Majid Al-Refai, former Chief Executive Officer of Bank Alkhair, and the Canadian Lawyer, Robert Little, for the forging of the Articles of Association of Bank Alkhair (formerly Unicorn Investment Bank).
Special Resolution number 1 to adopt the English version of the company's memorandum and articles of association, initialed by the chairman, to replace the Afrikaans version as the official version of the memorandum and articles of association of the company, with effect from the date of the adoption of this resolution, was approved; 6.
Chief executive Gordon Bennett stayed up until 5am on Tuesday studying the SFA's Articles of Association before deciding the club had a case.
o have the power to delegate ratification of business decisions, the articles of association can specify that all business decisions must be ratified by the "shareholders" at the annual shareholders' meeting, thus avoiding centralized management.
To renew the authorization granted to the Board of Directors in Article 5 of Millicom's Articles of Association to issue new shares up to a share capital of USD 199,999,800 divided into 133,333,200 shares with a par value of USD 1.