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One of my favourite pastimes is seeing whether TV presenters show any initiative over this particular article of clothing - so far David Dimbleby has the prize for "outrageous" with a tie sporting a huge shocking-pink spider, closely followed by one which appears to have a multiplicity of goldfish weaving their way though the design.
Of] transferring the image of a painting to an article of clothing.
She would take an article of clothing, carefully open every seam so not an inch of material would be wasted, and save every button, zipper, etc.
patent for treating a stain, spot or mark on an article of clothing while the clothing is being worn.
The school said in a statement that its internal regulations bar 'the use of hats and any other article of clothing that cover the head'.
The emphasis on crocheted flowers, trim and other accents makes it easy to quickly dress up a dull sweater or article of clothing and offers all the basics including a complete stitch reference for beginners, making this a fine pick for any basic library.
He said: "My turban is not an article of clothing like a tie - it is part of me, a part of my religion and I feel as though my religion and I have become an issue for GMP.
com), tag each article of clothing to describe its eco-friendly qualities.
Due to compatibility with the other subsystems creating the architecture of an intelligent article of clothing the microcontroller system for measuring and presentation of results was chosen.
Before the smoking ban, after returning home from the pub, every article of clothing had to be put in the wash because of the smell.
I personally have never liked to sew, and the only sewing I do now is when some article of clothing needs the legs hemmed up.
Alex was just starting When The Sun Goes Down at Friday night's gig when the offending article of clothing came flying through the air.
The nurse puts each article of clothing in a separate container, places brown bags over the patient's hands, and searches his pockets for anything that could identify the young man.
I freely admit that if I never bought another article of clothing from now until the day I die, I would not be in need--my closet is that full.
Any moderately engaged reader of Don Quijote can recall characters or episodes associated with some article of clothing that elides the notion of fashion and shows an intentional construction of deconstruction of identities.