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an X ray of a joint after the injection of a contrast medium

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Arthrogram will demonstrate the deformed head hinging and pushing the labrum upwards.
As I write this I still have not heard the results of the arthrogram and I am praying that it is something that can be fixed quickly.
I almost fainted when I saw my first knee arthrogram performed with an 18-gauge, 1-1/2-inch needle
Playing with pain: Bruins left guard Shannon Tevaga was again a bystander throughout much of practice, this time because his right shoulder was sore after undergoing an arthrogram to determine the source of discomfort he is experiencing.
An MRI or an arthrogram can confirm the diagnosis of meniscal tear.
If there is no response to treatment, the doctor may use an arthrogram, rather than an MRI, to inspect the injured area and confirm the diagnosis.
Physicians benefit from the flexibility of customizable protocols and arthrogram procedures, and from the subspecialized image interpretations by Board Certified Radiologists.
MRI and MRI arthrogram are useful adjuvants to evaluate the labrum and should be obtained in patients with mechanical symptoms.
The possibility for a labral tear was considered and a magnetic resonance (MR) arthrogram was obtained.
Initial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) results can be further enhanced with an arthrogram - the use of intra-articular fluid in the X-ray procedure - to more accurately confirm the diagnosis and manage the injury.
They did an arthrogram on it, and an MRI and all those things,'' Dorrell said.