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Opera glass hands: the phenotype of arthritis mutilans.
Significant clinical presentations of PsA included oligoarthritis, symmetric, axial joint involvement, classical DIP and arthritis mutilans.
Our findings also revealed that the asymmetrical oligoarticular type of PsA occurred most often (n = 28, 56%) while the distal interphalangeal (DIP) predominant type (n=2, 4%) and arthritis mutilans (n=2) were the least common.
Asymmetric oligoarthritis, symmetric polyarthritis (indistinguishable from rheumatoid arthritis), arthritis mutilans, and spondyloarthropathy (usually with peripheral involvement) are other subtypes.
Psoriasis: (a) current (usually) psoriatic skin or scalp disease Five clinical subsets: currently present, as judged by Oligoarticular a qualified health professional Polyarticular and/or (b) a history of DIP predominant psoriasis that may be obtained Spine predominant from patient, or qualified Arthritis mutilans health professional and/or (c) a history of psoriasis in a first or second degree relative according to patienttreport.
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