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Here, as throughout her account, her ability to cross adroitly from high registers to low, from Marathi formulations to Hindi, and especially from the unenlightened perspective of those who speak of "untouchable society" (asprishya samaj), rather than the politically correct "Dalit women" as she does a paragraph before, does suggest a kind of artfulness, in addition to being politically strategic.
The very structure of this sentence argues for awkwardness as inseparable from and even perhaps essential to the achievement of any artfulness.
It is hostile to art and artfulness, "deliberately hostile .
From skillful juggling, hand balancing, and trampoline bouncing, to perfectly coordinated hoop diving, skipping ropes, and Chinese yo-yos, the performers' acts spanned the full acrobatic spectrum with their awe-inspiring artfulness.
Success and sophisticated, nuanced products ultimately is less about artfulness and more about the art of execution.
Very solid cooking for the most part with plating that matches the artfulness of the room's decor, playful, teasing, mysterious, hidden secrets.
It's no surprise he himself was an example of the kind of artfulness and energy his pictures so vividly capture.
The artfulness of Strauss's slant speech mimics the Platonic dialogue, "the greatest of all works of art.
I gave up many screens and devices, including artfulness, or the small, shaped poem, with short lines.
Sometimes artfulness is more important than mindfulness.
Elsewhere in the plywood-scape, more specific artfulness was more persuasive.
But the artfulness of the fragment makes trusting it impossible; every explication is part of the work.
Their performances are notable for directness and simplicity - but don't expect the insights and artfulness of Schwarzkopf and Fischer-Dieskau's classic recording.
When I introduced apparel into the Artful Home mix, my belief was that there was a large group, a 'tribe', perhaps, of women interested in dressing with style, with artfulness, and with individuality.