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in a disingenuous manner

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How delicate in his attentions, and yet how artfully has he concealed his anxiety on my account under a feigned desire for sleep, thought Julia.
Remnants," she sighed, and showed me how artfully they had been pieced together.
This flattering suggestion not only pleased Emily--it artfully served Mirabel's purpose.
His questioning was so artfully contrived, that he seemed even in his own eyes to volunteer all this information rather than to have it wrested from him; and he was brought to this state of feeling so naturally, that when Mr Chester yawned at length and declared himself quite wearied out, he made a rough kind of excuse for having talked so much.
The new experiences and complicated feelings that are the rite of passage through which early adolescents must tread are artfully told through engaging and plausible characters.
And, speaking of that dinner--it seems now to be officially called the "JJ Dinner" by the NHDP, which has artfully (or maybe not-so-artfully) avoided using the names "Jefferson" and "Jackson," who have become personas-non-grata among certain Dems.
The amalgam of his powerful poetry, impeccable storytelling, and impenitent attitude coalesces to create a collection of poetry that artfully defines the uphill battle faced by multiracial Americans.
The Berries and Moss Wreath is made with a blend of fresh fir and seeded eucalyptus--and artfully adorned with pine cones, moss, Artemisia, and pepperberries.
Fans are encouraged to share their artfully crafted moments by uploading photos to the brand's Facebook page, where the application will transform their photos into artfully crafted Blue Moon paintings, for the chance to enter to win weekly prizes, as well as the grand prize of "Brewmaster for a Day.
Turning every one of its outlets and venues into a splendid bouquet of reds, whites and chocolate-browns, the hotel artfully captures the spirit of the Day of Love.
Permit me to say that my father--a naturalist and pioneer by nature--lived (and loved) quite fully and quite artfully throughout his sixty-seven years.
Indeed, the 52 elements in Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's reform plan for the Los Angeles Unified School District, artfully named ``The Schoolhouse,'' are generally accepted educational best practices.
The team of urban developers has earned a reputation for delivering artfully crafted living spaces that are both stylish and convenient.
Vanier artfully stated what so many within our community have recognized and experienced but have struggled to articulate.
From Madeline Mason, 104 year old sculptor and doll maker, to 84-year old Rosa Maria Morales Escobar, singer and Folklorico dancer, to Dorothy Takahashi Toy, tap dancer of 89 years, to Mary Beth Washington aka Orunamamu, storyteller and snake handler aged 95 years, to Frances Dunham Catlett, painter aged 98 years, here are amazing portraits of creative women aging artfully.