artesian well

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a well drilled through impermeable strata into strata that receive water from a higher altitude so there is pressure to force the water to flow upward

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HEBRON, February 10, 2016 (WAFA) - Israeli forces, accompanied with staff from the so-called Israeli civil administration, Wednesday, broke into Nonqor area in Hebron, where they took photographs and sampled one of the artesian wells there,
It was the second time since 2000 that a relatively exotic pollutant from the Delaware Sand & Gravel Superfund site has crept into Artesian wells at problem levels.
Two poorly illustrated maps of the oasis are provided, one with the major artesian wells indicated.
The idea of protecting small public water supplies like his own from deliberate tampering became more pronounced as a result of the water testing he does for schools in the region that are not on a municipal water supply, but draw from artesian wells.
The majority of the province's artesian wells have dried up because of frequent droughts coupled with excessive consumption by farmers growing qat," he said.
A fenced pasture of approximately 160 acres fronting on Sneed Road, with two six-inch Artesian wells and micro-jet irrigation piping.
The rise of building and the construction of artesian wells around the spring has had a direct effect on the level of water and its pollution," explains Hamad Hasan, the mayor of Blbek.
While water delivery trucks have become a commonplace sight, a network of pipes to transport water from artesian wells has also taken shape, snaking along electricity poles belonging to Electricite du Liban.
The QC office in Somalia rehabilitated seven artesian wells, increased the depth of wells and repaired associated facilities such as water supply pipes, generators and electric pumps, in addition to aiding the construction and rehabilitation of reservoirs and ponds for watering animals.
Besides, 10 artesian wells have been rehabilitated to benefit pastoral and Bedouin families and two schools have been reconstructed by Qatar Charity.
QC office in Islamabad has implemented these projects at a cost of QR6mn which included the drilling of 859 artesian wells equipped with a hand pump, 149 artesian wells equipped with an electric pump and two bathrooms, as well as 71 deep artesian wells equipped with an electric pump and two bathrooms.
All of our surface water must be utilized efficiently, which will lessen our dependence on the artesian wells that have been drying up," he added.
They need food, toilets, artesian wells, power lighting, and more importantly, they need jobs for more than 600,000 refugees", he added.
More artesian wells were built to provide water to farmers and their communities.